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Monday, July 2, 2012

Julz Lynn: a skate journey from Huntington Beach to Lincoln City

Julz Lynn
Julz Lynn: a skate journey from Huntington Beach to Lincoln City

Julz Lynn is different from any other skater girls that I know. She has that skateboard punk attitude that is part of her but she is also tender inside. At 20 years old she has been skateboarding since she was eleven years old. She started competing in the Wicked Wahine Etnies contest where she landed 1st and continued on from there to do the same in the CASL amateurs series. She was the worldwide female bowl rider champ for three years in a row in 2007, 2008, 2009 and also achieved an honorary award from the city of Santa Ana for being an exemplary female role model and for her first place accomplishment of winning the Pro-Tec Pool Party in 2009. She has skated and traveled all over the states and to Hawaii many times to skateboard. She has recently been shooting with a variety of photographers and filmers on a regular basis including working with production people on a pilot for an MTV show.
But the most amazing experience she will get is a 6 week journey from Huntington Beach California, to Lincoln City, Oregon. She plans to go with whoever wants to do it, but she is so obstinate in her decision that she will do the journey whatever happens, even if she has to do it alone…

isTia.Tv catch up with her and we asked her how and why she came up with the idea for this skate journey?
Julz Lynn: Over the summer, normally, there are more contests and more stuff for the girls to do. And this year, they did not have the girls in the X-Games superpark and vert, so I did not get to compete. And then, the Dew Tour is not gonna have the girls in the vert either. So, with those contests being gone, I had the time maybe to go to the Europe contests but I was not able to making out there. So I decided that instead of not being able to go to the contests, I wanted to take a trip, give up everything and just skate all the way up to Oregon. I thought that, instead of taking a car and hit every skatepark on the way, I should just ride
Between 1500 and 1800 miles on a skateboard, at least 24 skateparks. Who's gonna join her?
my skateboard because it would help me to stay healthy, I could do it for causes like cancer. I could also just stay in shape and really progress in my skateboarding… It’s like being on a mission…

isTia.Tv: So, are you saying that you are gonna push for 1200 miles? Julz Lynn: Altogether, with all the stops that I’m gonna have; I will ride 1568 miles with 24 skateparks… But I had a lot of people asking me to stop in their skateparks and I know there are a lot of skateparks along the way so I will probably hit more parks than I have listed and will probably end up skating more miles.

isTia.Tv: If you skate 1500 miles, you will need new equipment, like wheels and stuff… Julz Lynn: I know, so what I’m doing, I’m bringing a backpack and me and whoever else wants to join me will have to bring a backpack to take all the equipment and we will have to carry it. Right now, I’m looking for a filmer and I’m hoping that someone will get back to me but nobody has gotten back to me so I think that along the way people will be able to stop at skateparks and get coverage but I’m gonna be filming from a small flip camera and then I have my I-Phone.

isTia.Tv: So, you’re gonna post things on Facebook along the way? Julz Lynn: The night before I will make sure the people know where I’m gonna be. I will keep them updated with what we’re gonna be doing at the stops keep them updated with pictures. At each park, I’m gonna do a little event like the best trick or who has more fun at the skatepark while we are there. I will pass on stickers and stuff. I’m working with Keep-A-Breast, Grind-For-Life. Those are the two main causes I’m working with. I am also working with Pink Widows, Silly Girls Skateboards, Black Flys, Emerica, Bones wheels, S-One Helmets.

isTia.Tv: How are you going to sleep at night? Julz Lynn: I don’t wanna stay at anybody’s house. We will be camping at the skateparks with sleeping bags… I lived on my own for a while now and when I was younger I used to runaround and runaway all the time and stay out in the streets. I have been through a lot in my life and I’m not really scared of anyone. I have my skateboard right there and I’ll make sure I have my really awesome knife with me.

Julz Lynn will be starting her journey at the Huntington Beach Pied on Thursday July 5th at 5am. She is inviting anybody to be there, whether for the whole trip to Oregon or a small trip between two skateparks. The first skateparks will be Huntington Beach, Westminster, Long beach, San Pedro, Venice…

You can follow Julz Lynn’s Journey through the Northwest on the following pages:
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Twitter

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