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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keegan Palmer, Bowl Champ: Skateboarding Profile

Keegan Palmer skated at the Australian Open of Surfing alongside such legends
as Bob Burnquist, he has his own 14-foot vert ramp in his backyard and
he was just given an all expenses paid trip to the US to compete in the 10th
annual King of Groms Championship.
Keegan Palmer, Bowl Champ: Skateboarding Profile

Keegan Palmer is a 9 years old whizz kid from Australia who was invited last January 2012 to the most prestigious vert and bowl contests In Newcastle (the Australian Championships) and Manly Beach (the world cup). He came to the USA for one month and we decided to meet him at the Venice park in between to stops of his busy schedule.

Here is who Keegan Palmer is, thanks to his father and as told to isTia.Tv.

Keegan Palmer started skating since he was about three years old but only in the last two years as Mom and I just noticed he had decent style, we started going to more skateparks because he really enjoyed it. We were all having fun and he was getting better. But it’s basically in the last two years that things have started to get more serious.

The three of us are skateboarding: Bryson(6 years old), Keegan (9 years old) and me (42 years old). The boys got me into it. We are big time into surfing. We go all the time, we are pretty much into cruise and skate and surf and Keegan surfs too.

Keegan prefers skating but asking whether he prefers surfing or skateboarding is a hard question. Surfing is a good release from skating and skating is a good release from surfing and honestly, the two complement each other.

We live on the Gold Coast of Australia, in a small town called Currumbin, right on the beach. Keegan has been skating a bowl called Eleanor. It’s a mix of sizes from 8 to 11 feet, so it’s a really, really good bowl. Some parts are really aggressive, some parts are really mellow. There’s a nice blend and he’s been really able to learn how to bowl skate there and how to generate speed.

First we built a wooden bowl in our backyard. We work a lot and did not have a lot of time, but now that we have our own facility we can have a family dinner and we can all go skating after. We invite a lot of kids, lots of pros. All kids are always welcome.

It's nice to see Keegan Palmer keeping in line with the latest grom takeover trend.
Check out this video where Keegan lands a self-described "proper Mctwist 540".
At our ramp, we have three rules only: no cursing, no drinking and no cigarettes.

We arrived in the USA on June 9th, we went to a contest in Minneapolis where Keegan got a wild card to go directly into the finals because there was a contest in Australia that Keegan won, so Target and World Industries paid for Keegan to go at all expenses paid directly into the finals on the King Of The Grom where it was a very hard competition. Americans are really, really good. We met a lot of great families and kids yet Keegan got 3rd in bowl and 3rd in vert. Which was really great.

Then we went to camp Woodward. Keegan wet to the camp because he really like the social aspect of the camp. Not necessarily the fact that you can learn there. But he really enjoyed the games and all the activities other than skateboarding as well. And while he was at Woodward he did a McTwist. He had been working on McTwists on our ramp in Australia. We have our own ramp and he has been working on it for a couple of months. He has been doing a lot of spins under the coping and I think he just got frustrated to learn it that way and he decided to just go for it and about 30 tries later he got it, so it was pretty cool.

Keegan has done a few contests in New York where he arrived 1st. Only bowl and vert. His favorite is bowl. In New York, he did very well. And then in Australia, he has done two world cup events where he has gotten 6th.The National champ in Newcastle and the Australian Open of Surfing which was in Manly Beach. When he enters a contest under 18, Keegan usually places in the top 10. After the Open of Surfing, there was a contest in Newcastle where he got 6th. So, he does all right in contests. We are learning; we don’t have a lot of contests in Australia so the kids need to manage that. It’s really intense to take your skateboarding to competitive level, so I think we are a little bit but we are trying our best and having fun.
Keegan Palmer at Venice Skatepark

Keegan Palmer at camp Woodward

Our favorite skatepark in the USA is the Combi bowl. Keegan has been skating in the Combi Bowl since he was 7 years old and it’s his favorite place in the world. This is our third trip to the US, as a skater. It’s just one of those things. If you are a surfer, you got to hit Pipeline every year. If you are a skater, you have to hit the Combi every year.

When we go back to Australia, we gonna be ready for the Hurley bowl champs. Keegan has a few tricks he wants to work on. Then, there will be the Australian Open of Surfing.
We really want to thank Pocket Pistols, Hurley, 187 pads, pretty much all the American skaters and target and World Industries for helping us coming here. Keep skating and enjoy your family.

Thanks Chris…
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