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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keep Skateboarding out of the "Olympics TM"

Skateboarding should not be at the "Olympics TM"
Shaun White wants skateboarding at the Olympics. What do you think?
Warnings: Shaun White is advocating for skateboarding to be at the Olympics in 2016 and he might as well win this time…

I’m not sure what are the basis of the arguments about how skateboarding could profit to be at the “Olympics TM”. Last time I checked the “Olympics TM”, I saw corporate greed trying to make more money out of the athletes. The “Olympics TM” is having an army to police the web because most words that talks about “London 2012 TM” , “Olympics TM” are branded and technically can’t be used in the web other than by the officials sponsors. By using them in your tweet, Facebook or Blog, you are disrupting traffic from the official sponsors that paid for it… You will be denied entry to the “Olympics TM” if you wear a tee shirt that is not part of the official pool of sponsors. Athletes could be denied to play if they don’t wear sneakers that belong to the 2012 collection of the main sho
e sponsor… You can’t pay or buy anything if it is not with the leader credit card company.
How is that working with skateboarding? Skateboarding is one of the last sports that is still going against mainstream, not with it. I want DP to hold his middle finger in front of my camera, I want Pedro Barros to say “Rio Tavares Mother Fuckers” , I want to use my Vans or Etnies even if Nike or DC will sponsor the stuff. I (or my “athletes TM”) will be bared to do so if skateboarding becomes part of the “Olympics TM”.

I also find the attitude of the fans behind the “Olympics TM” quite nefarious. The “Olympics TM” is supposed to bring peace, fraternity and friendship among people from distinctive nations, but all I see is nationalism at his worst. Millions of people get angry because the US or Japan have lost and China has won… This is nonsense. We should revere the athletes as athletes only for their intrinsic value, for their efforts, their skills, their tenacity, their beauty to perform their beloved sport, not because they are part of a nation. This idea that we should support a nation over another one is so 19th century and has led to too many wars in the past.

At a time when everybody is talking about an omniscient Big Brother parsing the web and the social media sites, some would be clever to reread the book written in 1949 by Orwell (taking place in London) and almost banned in UK and the US. Unfortunately, Orwell was a true visionary…

So, keep skateboarding out of the “Olympics TM”, we don’t need them but they need us…

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