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Monday, July 16, 2012

Mystic Skate Cup 2012 Video and Results

Mystic Skate Cup 2012 Video
Mystic Skate Cup 2012 Video highlights and Results

Charlie Blair, from California, won the 18th edition of Mystic Sk8 Cup 2012, the world cup skateboarding competition in Prague. On the #2 of the podium is Alessandro Sorgente, from Florida and Martin Jurášek, a local ripper landed #3.
World Cup Skateboarding has its regular stopover in Prague for two decades, people love the event, so the atmosphere is always great. This year, more than 12 000 people visit the event during three days; more than 25 000 people from 30+ countries saw the live broadcasting available on isTia.Tv.
Apart of skateboarding, the visitors could see a good music performance from different bands and DJs, also a lot of side activities such as skimboarding, fingerboarding or massages included. For people who came, it was definitely a nice weekend in the town of Prague.

1. Charlie Blair
2. Alex Sorgente
3. Martin Jurášek

Street women
1. Alexis Sablone
2. Leticia Bufoni
3. Lacey Baker

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