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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Neil Hendrix Night Sesh for Elephant

Neil Hendrix Night Sesh for Elephant
Neil Hendrix Night Sesh for Elephant

Last May 2012, Neil Hendrix said goodbye to longtime board sponsor Element to join Vallely's Elephant Brand Skateboards.

"Neal's one of those guys that if he were to suddenly die before his time, everyone would say how he was the greatest guy and all that," Vallely said in an interview. "With Elephant I want to say that about him now while we're all still breathing. He deserves to be supported still by this industry and cherished by this community. Not because he's the next big thing [but] because he has always been there for us. Neal is a touchstone and we need those in our lives more than ever. Our culture is literally evaporating before our eyes. There's too much filler and fluff being pedaled out there... I'm gonna stick to substance. Substance starts with people who have character. Neal has character."
Elephant Brand Skateboards: Weapons Of Mass Creation. No rules, no divisions, no schools... Just a skateboard as a paintbrush and the world as an empty canvas.

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