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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Number One of RTMF Results

The Number One of RTMF in Florianópolis, Brazil is now Vi Kakinho. Parabens!!
The Number one of RTMF was a battle between Murilo Peres and Vi Kakinho...
The Number One of RTMF Results

Last Sunday was sunny in Brazil. It was sunnier because in the City of Florianópolis there is an hotel called Pousada Hi Adventure were no less than Pedro and Andre Barros organized a bowl contest called “The Number One of RTMF”. The expectation of a day with lots of maneuvers in the Amateur category was high. And so, the day passed with an absurd level especially among the six finalists.

But before the League, the fourth battery entered the Novice category for the last bowl skaters perform their lines.

Vi Kakinho won the amateurs. What, amateur? I though Vinicius was pro already???  Well, he should be then...
Check out the top ten ranked a total of 30 entries.

01 Augusto Akio Takahashi Santos; Drop Dead
02 Mateus Gomes Guerreiro; Reentry, Hi Adventure, RTMF, Evoke, Curva Hill, Office Compy e Gripp
03 João Vitor
04 Pedro Henrique Quintas; Onbongo e Traxart - Apoio Niggli Pads
05 Iago Pavan
06 Eduardo Lopes
07 Miguel Felipe de Oliveira; Broken e DNG - Apoio True
08 Bruno Moreira; Apoio Originals Clan
09 Tiago Sahunero
10 André Cuneo Sagaz

In the heat of the Amateur category, the tricks performed by skaters were already high level. In the system of jam session Ordered in each run skaters further increased level. Check out the words of Andrew Barros: "I saw Kakinho Champion of the First Stage of RTMF Congratulations!
Murilo Peres second with a level sinistríssimo! Kaique and Alan Silva Resende in the sequel! Final unbelievable!

Check out the top 10 ranked the Amateur:

01 Vi Kakinho; Volcom, Vans, Monster, Drop Dead (shapes), Evoke, Independent, Bizart Artes, RTMF e Hi Adventure
02 Murilo Peres; Oakley, Drop Dead, Independent, Bones e ON Hardware
03 Caique Silva; Devotion e Empaire - Apoio Skate Mundo, Academia Estação Saúde e Swell
04 Alan Resende dos Santos; Tent Beach - Apoio Vertical, Bones e Deadless
05 Zene Sacks; Devotion - Apoio QIX, Swell Skate Camp e Dragon
06 Felipe Passos Holsback
07 João Fernando Gasparotto; Devotion Jeans - Apoio Banx, Swell Skate Camp
08 Matheus Muniz Minimug; Rocks e Complex
09 Luiz Neto; Apoio Arca
10 Felipe Pereira; Apoio: Drop Dead, Manual Fingerboard, Rock City e RTMF

The judges are responsible for judging professional skaters Muggiati Affonso (after Pedro Barros the Amateur), and Leo Franco Kakinho Zaniolo. In speech and coordination Miguel Catherine notes Mark Bollmann.

Congrats to all the winners and participants!!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, July 09, 2012 


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