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Sunday, July 1, 2012

OG Skate Jam 2012 The Cove at Santa Monica Skatepark

Bernie O'Dowd He killed it all night and landed #1 of the 40-49
OG Skate Jam 2012 The Cove at Santa Monica Skatepark

If you are not a skateboarder, you have no idea why OGs over 35, 45 or even 55 years old still ride pools and bowls with the same passion as 17 years old young rippers. Riding a pool at 55 years old can be quite dangerous: a bad fall and our bones break just like this and it takes forever to recover. Yep, I know firsthand… Even if we are fitter than 90% than our fellow Americans, our bellies are more prominent, our articulations are not as flexible and after 30 seconds pushing on every corner of the bowl we have to stop to get fresh air because our lungs cry for relief. At 50 years old, some of us have skated for well over 40 years, but because life is not that easy, some of us had to stop skateboarding for a while, sometimes for a couple of months, sometimes for a couple of years and even sometimes for a bigger time than that. Some of us are parents and others are about to be grandparents. Hey, imagine a kid at school saying: “yep, my granddaddy landed 6th at the skateboarding contest last week-end?” Can your grand kid say that? But when we gather around a bowl, there is no difference: whether you are a 55 years old dude that recently fall in love again with skateboarding, a 35 years old kid, or a 13 year old baby, this is the same passion that brings us to that place.

If you never skated a bowl you can’t understand. You can’t understand the feeling of the thrust we get by pushing on the corners, the feeling of control by driving an unstable board with plastic wheels surrounded by huge walls around you, the feeling of commitment and confidence we have when we slide down the walls at high speed or perform complex tricks on the coping…

That’s the kind of passion and brotherhood that drove over 50 OGs (between 30 to 55 years old) to gather at The Cove Skatepark at Santa Monica last Saturday for the third stop of the OG Skate Jam organized by Heidi Lemmon at Spausa, Jeff Greenwood at Concrete Disciples and all the staff at The Cove. All of you guys have been amazing and we are so grateful for that wonderful night…

Armando de la Libertad: he was bold in the jam. Payback: #2 of 40-49

The contest started at 5pm sharp with the 50+. There was twice as much 50+ than the Skatelab stop 4 weeks ago. The bowl was different too and it’s no surprise that the locals call it the flow bowl. Speed and style was probably on the mind of the judges. After three runs each, it was evident that Eddie Hadvina won the stuff… The 30-39 and 40-40 was equally packed and awesome with a bonus in the form of a jam where the contestant really killed it (and almost killed each over by the same token). At one time, there were 5 skaters together in the bowl and the spectacle was that of a high octane blood. A big thanks to Eric "Tuma" Britton and Carson Cornett for all their work on the mike.

Eventually, the night finished with fireworks from the city of Santa Monica.
It was awesome to see this big skateboarding family together celebrating the Old Bones and it was really a night to remember.

OG Skate Jam over 50
1 Eddie Hadvina
2 Ron Greenwood
3 Greg Garret
4 Carlos Novo

OG Skate Jam 30-39
1 Kevin Burke
2 Steve Badillo
3 Chris Purcell
4 Manny Ortiz

OG Skate Jam 40-49
1. Bernie O'Dowd
2. Armando De La Libertad
3. Dave Taylor
4. Ron Chatman
5. Jeff Greenwood Best Trick: Dave Taylor

OG Skate Jam Ladies
1. Melissa Spillman
2. Cheryl Jumao-as
3. Ocea Iverson

Thanks again to everyone. The Covestaff, judges, volunteers, Heidi at SPAUSA, E.A.R.L., Jeff Greenwood from Concrete Disciples, Bart Saric from Skatermade, Jim from R.I.P. City, Santa Monica Airlianes and all the other sponsors and most of all to all the competitors and guests who came to watch, you all made it a night to remember.

More pictures after the jump...

Eddie Hadvina

Garry Schuck

Garry Schuck 

Jeff Greenwood 

Kevin Burke

Ron Chapman

OG Skate jam: 1 Kevin Burke, 2 Steve Badillo, 3 Chris Purcell, 4 Manny Ortiz

OG Skate Jam ladies results: 1. Melissa Spillman, 2. Cheryl Jumao-as, 3. Ocea Iverson

Eddie Hadvina winner of the over 50

Hailey Villa, Heidi Lemmon, Kevin Burke. Jeff Greenwood. You know that the party was awesome when everybody
on the pictures have the best smile ever.   

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, July 01, 2012 


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