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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pedro Barros X Games winning run

X Games Vert Practice
Pedro Barros wins the Park at the X-Games

He is only 17 years old and about 5-feet-5, but Brazilian Pedro Barros is one of the most powerful skateboarders in the world, and his speed and soaring tricks won him his second gold medal in the Skateboard Park competition.

Needing a big run on his last attempt in the 18-minute final session, Barros skied to the biggest air of the competition and also pulled off a backside 540 (1½ rotation spin) in the 11-foot pool. The 43 points he earned for the effort, combined with his 41-point second run, gave Barros a one-point edge over Ben Hatchell of Manassas, Va.

Part-time Leucadia resident Rune Glifberg, the 2008-09 Park champion, finished third with a total of 78.

“The speed, the 540s, the 6-foot airs, just making it work,” Glifberg, 37, said of why he believed Barros won. “He’s similar to how I like to ride, just fast and powerful. He’s maybe not throwing as many tricks in there … but the tricks are faster and longer. … That’s what the judges are looking for — fast and flow.”

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, July 01, 2012 


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