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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red Bull DIY supply project

This is really coming as a nice surprise! Every skater that needs it can get a test kit of
Red Bull's new project called "d.i.y supply". Free tools, a mixing pond, cement as much as
you want,. Just add some energy... Go and get your projects started...
For free stuff e-mail to:
Red Bull DIY concrete supply project

0717 aka Lilo Krebernik is a vienna based designer/illustrator, specialized in action sports, clothing, urban art and subcultures. Hs services include graphic design, editorial design, creative direction & consulting. In his website, he is disclosing anew project he just finished for reb-Bull.

Regarding that project, he said: This has been in the works for a while, so I’m stoked to present my latest design for Red Bull. After a short hiatus when it comes to creating stuff for them, we finally found a nice project to collaborate! They briefed me to create a name and logo for a project supporting skateboarders building their own concrete obstacles. After some thoughts and talks to other skateboarders involved (Philipp Shuster did a hell of a job to get this project going!) we came up with “Red Bull DIY supply”.

Next to the logo I design the packaging for the cement. A nice collaboration with one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to concrete, Lafarge jumped on the project and helped out with a lot of cement!
Plus there’s a couple of tools that will be given out to builders, so this includes the necessary floats and trowels. All these come branded as well with a 1c logo we developed to make engravings possible. Watch out for more pics from people building stuff, this is a nice project and we should see a lot happening in the near future!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, July 11, 2012 


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