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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ron Allen Interview for the 80's Show

Ron Allen Interview for the 80's Show
Ron Allen Interview for the 80's Show

Ron Allen is a veteran of skateboarding. Since the late 70’s early 80’s he has been part of the skateboarding family and he has now skated for over three decades. Ron Allen lived in Oakland (close to san Francisco) for twenty years, but he is originally from a small town in the Central Valley called Visalia. He moved to Oaktown right after he turned pro.

In the 80’s and early 90’s, Ron Allen was brought to the limelight thanks to The H-Street Videos (Shakle Me Not) for which he was riding at the time. Shakle Me Not, where he broke street skating boundaries with chest-high nose picks and lofty, super stylish ollies. He recalls that “I Met Mike Ternasky at skate camp. I was on Vision and went to a contest with the top 32 ams. I got second and Vision said I couldn’t turn pro until the next year. I was bummed and MT was talking about this new company he was going to start with Tony Magnusson. Everybody was telling me not to do it because people in the industry didn’t trust MT or TM. They were always good to me so I sign on in a Las Vegas coffee shop with Brian Lotti sitting next to me. My first checks bounced and this guy Mr. Brown put 5k on the table and asked me to quit and join his deal, I said no that Tony and Mike had my back and they did.

Ron Allen ad for H-Street
Another video that paved the way for Ron Allen was the Life Skateboard video called A Soldier’s Story : “Let’s get it straight the Life video was dope because of Dan Sturt and Mike T. I also think Mack Dawg was involved. Those guys were so ahead of the vid game back then. All I can say about Sean Sheffey is him and Pat Duffy are why people skate big stuff, they were the first to scare you when they skate - always on that critical edge.

His involvement in some of skateboarding’s most seminal moments are impressive, but what’s most impressive is that Ron Allen’s actually still doing it. “I love skateboarding. And I don’t care if I’m going to wake up and get paid for it or not, ‘cause I’ve done it for less and that doesn’t matter. What matters mostly is that it’s so fun,” he says.

Today nothing much has changed. Ron has resurrected “ American Dream”, and has started a second board brand, Energy. Aside from his ownership duties, he’s riding for Satori Wheels and is in the process of developing his own signature line of sneakers for Osiris. If that wasn't enough, he continues to work in conjunction with various California cities, travelling to parks and teaching skateboarding to young kids. “I kind of give kids the opportunity to hear from somebody who’s been doing it for a while and help out and get them stoked on skateboarding,” he says.

Ron Allen was born on December 31st, 1962. He is now 49 years old. Watch the interview above…

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