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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vans and SkateBoarder Magazine new collection

The Vans Skateboarder magazine collab...
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Vans and SkateBoarder Magazine new collection

A couple of months ago, SkateBoarder Magazine, the greatest skateboard magazine of the 70’s and Vans shoes decided to work on a joint project. It was a natural fit: the original skate mag and the original skate shoe. For this limited-edition Summer 2012 sneaker collection, Skateboarder Magazine heads back to its roots, joining forces with Vans to recreate the look and feel of three of Vans’s most iconic styles: the Era, the Old Skool, and the Mid Skool. Each shoe comes in a commemorative box and in a colorway befitting of the early days of skateboarding, with subtle Skateboarder Magazine branding on the heel and in the sockliner.
One of the Vans-SkateBoarder Magazine clothing collection...
The Steve Cathey Picture by Warren Bolster

Vans and SkateBoarder Magazine teamed up to revamp three classic Vans designs: The Era, Old Skool and Midskool ’77 shoes. Each shoe looks like something straight out of a 1970s era SkateBoarder magazine. Each sillouette comes in a simple colorway. The Era comes in two-toned red and orange, the Old Skools in navy and blue, and the Midskool’s come in navy and yellow. Each shoe also comes in commemorative box featuring the SkateBoarder by Vans logo.

We are surprised this collaboration hasn’t happened before. With SkateBoarder Magazine being the original skate magazine and Vans being the iconic skate shoe, it just seems like a no brainer for both of them to team up. The collaboration not only features shoes, but clothes, too! The shoes and the clothing line are available now at selected Vans stores only.

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