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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Volcom Bergfest 2012

Week End at Munster with Volcom Bergfest 2012
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Not only Ben Hatchell won the Bergfest in 2011, but he will come back to Munster in 2012 to defend his title.
Photo Fred Ferand

Volcom Bergfest 2012

Europe is in the middle of the high season for skate contests right now: The Mystic Cup 2012 just ended last week and the Copenhagen Pro is around the corner, but the event for this week-end is definitely the Volcom Bergfest on July 20th to July 22nd. As usual, the Skatepark Berg Fidel in Munster, Germany will be the place where an intense skateboarding competition between skaters from all over the will take place. A couple of years ago, the notorious Monster Bowl and Snake Run were reworked to give the best to the contestants.

Last year, when the Volcom Bergfest 2011 contest ended, two Americans and one German were proudly situated in the top three.
Ben Hatchell, FS Invert. Photo Fred Ferand
Twenty One year old Ben Hatchell from Manassas, Virginia, came in first and his counterpart 21 year old Robbie Brockel from Phoenix, Arizona came in third.
In the Volcom Bergfest Masters’ division, (35 years and older) the complete podium went to Germany. 42 year old Anders "Pool Panic" Tellen came in first place. He counts Old Man Army Skateboards, Skull Candy and Independent Trucks amongst his long line of sponsors. Tellen was followed into the winner's circle by 38 year old Thilo Nawrocki from Dusseldorf and 41 year old Jason Parkes from Kehl. Nawrocki was part of Pavel Skateboard's Pool Team. The Master's Division was not the only one to be dominated by the Germans. The country's skilled athletes swept both the Unsponsored and Youth Divisions as well. 24 year old Lucas Axman from Konstanz took top accolades in the Unsponsored Division besting 17 year old Fabian "Bobo" Wenzel of Munster and 22 year old Oliver Hafner from Krefeld.

Though he only managed to come in 4th, 9 year old Nathan Koop from Essen was raising some eyebrows with his big spins. The spunky sprite gave everyone in the youth division something to think about with his high flying maneuvers. Top honors went to 14 year old Johannes Haist from Karlsruhe. Haist is sponsored by Pavel Skateboards and has been making quite a name for himself on the international skateboarding scene. In 2010 already, he took home first place at the Fest Hard Cup Mini Ramp Division in the Netherlands. Two 15 year olds from Munster took the remaining top three spots of the Volcom Bergfest: Sergej Udarcev and Mathis Wenner. to as well.

This year, a flurry of contestants will flood the Bergfest bowl, including Ben Hatchell who just registered for the Bergfest. We´re really excited to see him shred the Monster Bowl trying to defeat last year’s title.
Among the judges, Ben Schroeder is scheduled to participate to Bergfest. Ben Schroeder broke his leg about one year ago and it ended up healing completely jacked. He recently went to Denmark to build a Skatepark, and while he was there he was able to get the intense surgery needed to get his leg back to normal. He has been stuck there for 4 months while under going treatment to heal his leg. Ben Schroeder will be coming from Denmark to judge the contest as he cannot skate due to his major leg surgery.

All pictures by Fred Ferand. Used by permission only. Thanks a lot Fred..

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