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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

X-Games 2012 Skateboarding Street Women's result

Leticia Bufoni Wins Silver in Women’s Skateboarding Street X-Games

Los Angeles -- Leticia Bufoni, 19 year old transplant from Sao Paulo, Brazil, won silver medal at the 18th annual X Games in the women´s street skateboarding competition this past Friday.

Leticia´s highest scored run, 81.00, was anything but rudimentary school yard play which was indicative of her broad use of the whole street course during the warm up session prior to the start of the finals. She skated with confidence displaying her solid foundations as a professional. She started off making use of the fire hydrant cement hip to blast up and over the competition. Tearing up the black top with mind numbing speed and five-0 grinding the school bench, she looked to set up more critical tricks. With an Ollie off the cement slope opposite to the bench she reversed direction to come up and backside flip over the chain
posts. Adding another change of pace, she flawlessly performed a lipslide down the green handrail. With dynamic proportion she pumped off the cement embankment again to shoot pass the dinosaur ledge and crooked grind the ledge. With only four seconds left she turned around to set up the big finish, a 180 off the dinosaur´s head into the flats. However the run was just not enough to bump Alexis Sablone out of first place.

The Brazilian skater has performed exceptionally well in past X Games, grabbing a bronze medal in 2011 and a silver finish in 2010. A consistent podium attendee, she recently is coming from a Far n´High 1st place win, which consists of a women´s total prize purse of 2,000€ with first place winning 800€. Dainty winnings compared to the 8,750€ prize purse for the men’s competitions, with men´s first place winnings of 3,200€, four times as much as women´s first place for what is seemingly the same style competition. Even if one solely concentrated winning the ollie contest, a skater would receive 300€, which is exactly what 3rd place gets you in the women´s street. However bias the winnings, Leticia treads on to raise the bar for women’s skateboarding.

At the end of the hot summer day, Alexis Sablone was on fire and proved that if you go big, you get the heat scores to beat out the other skaters as she rolled ahead to beat out Leticia with a high score of 85.66. Not too far behind was Rachel Reinhard, who markedly stepped up her game towards the end, almost snagging the silver medal from Leticia with a score of 80.33, just .68 points behind. But don´t count out Leticia just yet, as there are plenty of competitions left in the year. She is definitely a contender to finish 1st in the year-end WCS rankings. By the way, that would be a hat-trick if she does so as she already has finished first in both 2010 and 2011.

GOLD - Alexis Sablone 86.00
SILVER - Leticia Bufoni 85.66
BRONZE - Marisa Dal Santo 83.00

Thanks to David Perez and Patty Segovoa from All Girl Skate Jam

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