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Friday, August 24, 2012

Andre Barros, surfer, skater, skate contest organizer and Pedro Barros’ dad

Andre Barros Carving Grind. Photo Petronio Vilela “Parabéns! Seriedade e determinação sempre vão fazer a diferença."
Andre Barros, surfer, skater, skate contest organizer and Pedro Barros’ dad

Skateboarding has changed ultimately. For good of course. Bowl riding is growing increasingly more popular; now sponsors show it on open air TV and on streaming internet live broadcasts. Not only more sponsors are footing the bill on an everyday basis, but also more parents are increasingly supportive. Eva (Lizzie Armando’s Mom), Joe (Kiko Francisco’s Dad), Janet (Julian Torres’ Mom), Tho (Allysha Bergado’s mom), Matt (Heimana Reynold’s Dad), Thomas (Poppy Starr’s dad), Gerry (Austin Poynter’s dad), Nick (Tom Schaar’s dad) Patricia (Evan Doherty’s mom) and scores of other parents are
On clenched fists, the Catarinense is showing the symbol of the partnership that led to that moment: a tattoo that
only he and his father, Andre, scored on hand to perpetuate the relationship that has been the source of the feeling
of success Brazilian sport. Photo Alexandre Durão/
supporting they offspring and throwing in countless hours in taxiing, waiting at the skate parks, cheering and counseling. They are breaking the bank just to be able to go to the contests all over the USA (and beyond)

Pedro Barros’ father, Andre Barros is one of those amazing parents, except that Andre practices skateboarding and can grind the Rio Tavares Mother Fucking Bowl better than any other parent and almost as gnarly as Pedro. Pedro and Andre skate together, they surf together, they go to contests together, and when they organize WCS sanctioned worldwide contests together, the list of show up is 2,000 plus people, including Leo Kakinho, Christian Hosoi, Sandro Dias, Jeff Grosso, Nathan Beck, Duane Peters, Alex Sorgente, Omar Hassan, Murilo Peres, Milton Martinez, Marcelo Bastos, Lincoln Ueda … Andre and Pedro Barros are both as committed into skateboarding as one can be.

So, when Andre talks about skateboarding, every one listens and takes notice. For the good of skateboarding of course.
Andre Barros, co-organizer with Pedro Barros and Red Bull of the 2012 Skate Generation in Florianopolis Brazil...
When I think Pedro and Andre Barros, I can't resist to think about that picture. Duane Peters in the RTMF Bowl.
Three guys, one core obsession: skateboarding and punk-rock 
isTia.Tv: What is Canal Off?
Andre Barros: Canal Off is the non-conventional sport version of the biggest TV in Brazil and one of the biggest in the world, Rede Globo. They just put on TV shows. It’s not like normal channel where they do news, or someone presenting some show. It’s all about shows. Snow, surf, tracking, skydiving, skateboarding, kite surfing, etc… They have the Skate Generation show called BowlMania which aired last August 21st and now, it’s being repeating all week around! I don’t think it goes to America, but Internet probably! This show talks about RTMF and Pedro (Barros) and Skate Generation.

isTia.Tv: Was Skate Generation difficult to organize?
Andre Barros: Skate Generation is a Red Bull event with my guardianship! Red Bull knows how to make any event. They are so organized that we can’t complain at all! (For the Skate Generation event), my job was to make sure they were doing something with the essence of skateboard. Make sure everyone was treated well and make sure we have a fair contest! Since I first contacted Red Bull to organize Skate Generation, I told them what was the
Pedro Barros at the RTMF Bowl. Photo Helge Tscharn
priority of any skate contest; that I would put my name on it. Prize money, democratic and treatment. I also was the link between Red Bull and all other sponsors. Volcom, Vans, Indy, Evoke and (let’s not forget) Drop Dead which has been part of Skate Generation since the first version. It is a way to keep the event core. It wasn’t too hard to get all together. Remy Stratton from Volcom, Steve Van Doren from Vans, Rhino from Indy and Jake Phelps (from Thrasher), they all wanna have a reason to come over to RTMF. Nothing better than a contest where they can all be part of it without spending too much money. I can’t complain much, only that is too hard to get 2000 people over your house it’s a little bit frightful!
Oops! This looks like a Nude Bowl coming from the 70's. RTMF Bowl, perdon our attire while we are resurfacing...
Photo Helge Tsharn
Of course I still had to leave a lot of people out and this was frustrating! I know lots of people here; I can’t get everyone in!

isTia.Tv: You just resurfaced your RTMF bowl. What was wrong with it?
Andre Barros: Hasn’t finish yet, still 2 month to go! The bowl was perfect in the wrong way! I mean, everything wasn’t perfect, but that was the reason why it was so good. But, it was very hard to ride. The coping was bad for lip tricks like smith grinds. The vert part was all different in different part of the bowl. In some part a little bit of over vert, other with less vert, other with more vert, so you need to get really use to it to start to trough some airs. (The RTMF bowl is) gnarly as fuck, easy to get hurt.
The RTMF compound before resurfacing. Andre Barros: "We got at least 4 guys with the bones out of their skin
(and compounded fractures) and at least another 15 guys that broke bones on it! It was just done as a handmade bowl.
It was kind of, little pray before skate, kkkkk!"
We got at least 4 guys with the bones out of their skin (and compounded fractures) and at least another 15 guys that broke bones on it! It was just done as a handmade bowl. It was kind of, little pray before skate, kkkkk! We decided to change because we wanna go faster, higher and get more lip tricks on it. Make it a little bit easier for whoever comes to skate and doesn’t have much time to get used to it! We changed the very square corner. Make a little bit more around but much shallower, so it can accept more speed. The old corners used to break a lot of the speed.

isTia.Tv: Is bowl riding growing in Brazil?
Andre Barros: Fuck yeah, everywhere!

isTia.Tv: Do you think bowl riding is growing worldwide?
Andre Barros: It’s no way not! Every country is
Pedro Barros at 2 years old with dad Andre Barros. A good 15 years before he got #1 WCS Bowlrider
building skate parks with bowls. Every one now has the chance to ride one and get good on it!

isTia.Tv: Do you think bowl riding will be bigger than street one day?
Andre Barros: No way! But tranny is getting big. What I believe is that small bowls or kind of park style it’s going to get huge as it combine street, vert and bowl! It’s fun to watch, it’s fun to skate and it's way more competitive than anything else. It’s just a matter of time, believe it!

isTia.Tv: Would you support skateboarding at the Olympics?
Andre Barros: No way man, Skateboard is a life style. We judge skate by style and tricks, it’s very subjective. It’s no way we can change that. Get skateboard in Olympics it’s like kill the essence of it and kill what skateboard is about! Imagine if it goes! Hahhaah Kids going to be training a winner line for 4 years just to get a fucking
Pedro Barros at the Dew Tour 2012 in Ocean City 
medal! In a long term, skate will became perfect lines, robot skate, perfect position, perfect everything!! The beauty of skateboarding is in the imperfection!

isTia.Tv: In what aspects do you think bowl riding is different from vert?
Andre Barros: Good question man and maybe this is something that most of the judges around the world don’t know! Every think man!!! Vert is flat walls, bowl is curve! Vert is about making tricks, bowl is about making lines! Vert is about technical tricks; bowl is about connecting one trick to other with speed, power and style passing over hard spots!
Andre Barros abour the Dew Tour: "I think they should have Chris Miller teaching how to judge!"
Bowl has thousands of shapes and size with no stand, and vert has to be 14 feet over and 90% of flat walls! You can skate bowls with pads or paddles. You can have a little bit of a pool style in any bowl!

isTia.Tv: Do you think the judges for bowl riding should be the same as for vert?
Andre Barros: Fuck man, this is happening and it’s fucking the shit up! Man, we don’t wanna see 720 in the fucking bowl!!! Unless the guy come in switch grinding or airing over the corner and do it.

isTia.Tv: Should bowl and vert be judged differently?
Vert is not bowl!!!
Andre Barros: VERT IS NOT BOWL

isTia.Tv: On what basis should vert be judged?
Andre Barros: Lately, vert is being judged by the combination of hard trick. They forgot about style and about lip tricks. Now it’s all about spinning! It’s getting ugly!!! You can do a 540 with a nice style, but 720 and 900 or over that, there is no way you can put style on it.

isTia.Tv: On what basis should bowl riding be judged?
Celebration: who's proud?
Andre Barros: That’s is so hard to answer as bowls get million types of formats, but basically line is the most important thing. The combination of lines, tricks, power and extension of the tricks. Sometimes just hitting one spot and going to another one doing any tricks can be harder than any gnarly trick in one spot. But you only will know that if you skate the bowl, so you will see how hard it is to go from there to there!!! If you see Chris Miller skating any bowl you will understand what I’m saying, and that’s how to do it! I think they should have Chris Miller teaching how to judge!

isTia.Tv: What is the basis of bowl riding?
Andre Barros: Well, bowl normally is made in a shape that you can improve your speed, so you get to go fast. Bowls have curves, so please use the curves as much as you can! If you go for an air, try to fly over the curve and not straight. And please you get to carving as high as you can, loose
Even when you are the #1 of RTMF, shit happens. Incident just before the X-Games finals...
trucks so you can go carving and make curves! You get to make noise, that’s why we get the coping block. You get to wear out your trucks if you are not doing that you are not skating bowl!

isTia.Tv: Do you think the judging at the Dew Tour was fair?
Andre Barros: I don’t need to answer that; any one can go to the You Tube and see it! How someone who doesn’t know how to do any lip trick can go to the final? How can someone that can’t even carve make the final? Man, first you need to learn how to GRIND the fucking bowl!!! If you don’t know how to grind, please don’t learn any other trick before that!

isTia.Tv: Do you think the podium of the bowl at the Dew Tour was really representative of the level?
Andre Barros: Bro, Ben Hatchel is gnarly. He is the proof of the versatility of bowl riding. He doesn’t go too fast, just enough, he doesn’t go to high, but he make lines combined with tricks that no one else does. Pure skate! Bucky is one of the best skaters in this planet! He skate big bowl really good. So much technical tricks!
Andre Barros: "Ben Hatchel is gnarly. He is the proof of the versatility of bowl riding. He doesn’t go too fast, just enough,
 he doesn’t go to high, but he make lines combined with tricks that no one else does. Pure skate!"
But at the qualifiers he made mistakes in the second trick in 2 of 4 runs, you can't pass this skater to the next step when the criteria was overall impression! Sorry, he can win any contest, but this one he didn’t deserve to make to the next phase. Pedro, it’s not because he’s is my son, but he made what you needed to get there!
Alex Sorgente, Joshua Rodrigues, Zach Miller, Skyler (Sky Siljeg) and Paul Wisniewski; they skated the way it should be and they didn’t make it. So, what else I can say?

isTia.Tv: Do you think there is Politics in skateboarding?
Andre Barros: Fuck yeah!! Not all the time, but sometimes it goes crazy!

isTia.Tv: With the revival of bowl riding, it seems the surfers have an edge… If you take Pedro Barros, or Kalani David, Greyson Fletcher or other surfer-skaters, they are all better in bowls. Better style, better flow. Is skateboarding going back to its roots: surfing?
Andre Barros: It’s more about lifestyle these days! Finally the parents are helping their kids to live better life style than be just being worried about school or jobs. If you live near any surf spot, it’s no reason of not to have fun and surf!

isTia.Tv: For you and Pedro, what’s the difference between surfing and skateboarding?
Andre Barros: If the surf is good, we go, if it is not, we skate! We skate much more, but if we had the most perfect point or reef break in our back yard, we would surf more than we do!

isTia.Tv: You are a father supporting his son. That’s very new in skateboarding. Skateboarders used to be rebels against the society, against their parents. What has changed?
Andre Barros: It’s not that new. But it’s just that not many people are doing that. What changed is that the rebels are now grown-ups and they have kids so they just keeping doing what they’ve done all life, but with the kids now.

isTia.Tv: When you go to the contests, you see more and more skate parents sited on the bench. The Dew Tour was a good example, with all those parents accompanying their little kids… Is that how skateboarding is heading for?
Andre Barros: This is good man! I think that your parents must be the one to be in your side anytime! I just don’t agree with the fact that many of them are there for the career! Skateboard is a lifestyle. That was my life style and I just continued that. Plus some of them don’t know shit about skate and they trip on it! But don’t worries, between 100 skaters (kids) only 10% have their parents around.

isTia.Tv: Something else you want to add?

Andre Barros Lives in Florianopolis, Brazil where he has been surfing and skating every day with his son Pedro Barros for the past 20 years. They built a big bowl in their backyard which hosted the WCS event Skate Generation contest for the third time in 2012. Andre was not really satisfied with the way the Bowl was judged during the last stop of the Dew Tour in Ocean City last week-end, so he contacted me and we rapidly crafted this Q&A sesh… Thanks Andre!!!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, August 24, 2012 

Blogger Unknown said...

My thoughts on Dew in OC...

More than the issues with the bowl, not including, Chris Miller, who's a true master of his craft, the bowl admittedly was not easy to generate good speed and come out blasting into grinds and lip slides around the almost square deep end which lent itself to vert skating.   Politics aside, the good feelings you get skating with friends  just seemed to be lost.   Prior to the main event, the deck seemed almost silent, unlike the Bondi and  Pro-Tec events where there was such a great vibe and everyone is hyped to be there.  I can only hope that putting truck to concrete  will always be the biggest part of bowl  skating.

August 26, 2012 at 4:30 PM  

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