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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Austin Poynter enters the Dew Tour in Ocean City

Austin Poynter: The Dew Tour, I'm in!!!
Austin Poynter enters the Dew Tour in Ocean City

Austin Poynter has been known in skateboarding for being a ripper for quite some time now… Actually, ever since he won his first Combi Pool Classic at Vans in 2011. Since then, it has only been progression and consolidation for the Oceanside skater. Austin recently got featured in several websites and magazines, including Transworld and dedicated ad started sprouting everywhere, a sign that his potential is being considered by the skateboarding industry.

His favorite parks are the Encinitas YMCA and The Combi Pool. He actually lives 20 minutes away from the ramp… The family used to live in Anaheim, Orange County four years ago (a couple of blocks from the Combi) and he started going to the YMCA all the time. But now that he is living in San Diego County, he has to take the trip back to the Combi… Bummer!! Well, I guess you can’t have all the good things all the time…
The first stop of the Dew Tour will be at Ocean City Maryland

Talking about the good things, Austin Poynter just got invited to the Dew Tour in Ocean City MD. We met with him and asked him how prepared he was for that contest…

isTia.Tv: When and how did you know you were to participate to the Dew tour?
Austin Poynter: I know that my name was brought up as a maybe, but I didn’t know for sure until my Birthday when I got the invite in the mail.

isTia.Tv: Are you excited?
Austin Poynter: Ya, it’s my first time traveling out of state for a Pro Contest, and I’m excited for the experience.

isTia.Tv: How long in advance are you going to be in Ocean City?
Austin Poynter: About 5 days, I’m going to start practicing as soon as I can get in that Bowl.

isTia.Tv: Are you gonna do the Commotion contest too?
Austin Poynter: Not sure yet, one at a time... lol

Current Ad with Austin Poynter
isTia.Tv: What Dew stops are you planning to do?
Austin Poynter: So far only the first stop in Ocean City MD, but I’ll follow that Bowl anywhere... lol

isTia.Tv: Are you in Dew vert and Dew bowl? Only bowl?
Austin Poynter: I’m skating the Bowl event, but I’m an alternate in Vert.

isTia.Tv: What do you do to prepare for the Dew?
Austin Poynter: The same way I prepare for any other contest, skating a lot and getting my tricks down consistent.

isTia.Tv: It seems you are skating more and more vert ultimately. Do you prefer vert over bowl or is it just an extension of your 
Austin Ridiculously skating Ozzie Ausband's pool... 
skateboarding abilities and just natural?
Austin Poynter: I’ve always skated Vert more, I didn’t get into bowl until recently, but I skate both about everyday!

isTia.Tv: Do you plan to enter a contest in the mega-ramp?
Austin Poynter: Nothing planned.

isTia.Tv: With whom do you prefer to skate these days?
Austin Poynter: I just skate with whoever is around, we create our own session!

Austin Poynter at the Encinitas YMCA. Photo Kyle Ohlson

isTia.Tv: Do you plan to go to the Pink Motel Pool party?
Austin Poynter: No, but maybe to watch the rad skating.

isTia.Tv: What other contests do you plan to do in 2012?
Austin Poynter: Maybe the Bowl a Rama in New York, and anything else that sounds fun!

isTia.Tv: What trick are you working on those days?
Austin Poynter: Nothing really new, just refining what I have and working on those variations!

isTia.Tv: What is the most difficult trick you are doing?
Austin Poynter: Nothing comes easy... haha

isTia.Tv: It’s the Olympics right now, do you think skateboarders (or skateboarding) would benefit by being accepted in the Olympics ?
Austin Poynter: Yes, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be allowed! Snowboarding in the winter Olympics and skateboarding in the summer Olympics!

isTia.Tv: Tell me about your mentor (Mike McGill)? What is he doing to help you?
Austin Poynter: Mike is awesome; I met him at Bobs house for an earth day celebration a few years ago. He’s a great supporter and fun to skate with. Who better to skate with than a legend!

isTia.Tv: List your sponsors Austin Poynter: Monster Energy, Oakley, Osiris Shoes, Ocean Current, S-One Helmets, Powell-Peralta, Bones Wheels, 187 Pads, McGill's Skateshop

isTia.Tv: Do you want to add something?
Austin Poynter: I’d like to thank my Sponsors, without their support I would not have the product I need or get to travel to compete in the sport I love.

Thanks a lot Austin and good luck for the Dew Tour

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