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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Charlie Blair Rippin' at Coastal Carnage 2012

Rip of the week Charlie Blair - Coastal Carnage
Charlie Blair, Rides for Dogtown Skateboards

Charlie Blair was born in Fullerton but moved to Placentia some time ago… I know, for you, that’s does not make any difference, since the two cities are just a couple of miles away.

What’s more interesting about Charlie Blair is that he is sponsored by DogTown skateboards, located in Venice.

In the 60-s and 70’s, Abbot Kinney's dream of a perfect Venice of the west went awry. A couple of miles away, even before the POP burned down to the ground, the original Z-Boys transformed the landscape into what is now known as Dogtown. For nearly 30 years Dogtown Skateboards has been synonymous not only with hardcore skateboarding but with a vast array of hardcore loyal followers.
Charlie Blair: Our only Crime is Being Original. Photo by Open Of Surfing
August 2012
A lot has been said about Jim Muir (Red Dog) and Wes Humpston(Bulldog) when they launched their first laminated boards with design on the back of the board.

Not only painting the board was new, but their imagerie helped define a generation that is still legit today in the heart of loyal followers.

As such, the introduction of Charlie Blair is a revitalizer of the brand. Literally unknown 3 months ago, he managed to finish first at major WCS contests in Europe. But don’t believe this newborn fame came out of nowhere. Charlie Blair has been skating for the past 12 years, this video of the Coastal Carnage 2012 is there to prove that Charlie is here to stay…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, August 14, 2012 


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