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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chili Bowl 8, Potrero Del Sol results and video

Chili Bowl Highlights
Chili Bowl Highlights, the Thrasher edit!!
The skaters were very creative at the 2012 Chili Bowl

Chili Bowl 8, Potrero Del Sol results and video

The 8th Annual Chili Bowl contest at San Francisco’s Potrero Del Sol skatepark brought together skaters, enthusiasts, lurkers and chili cookers from all over the world for an afternoon stacked with raw bowlriding and cooked spicy chili recipes. Plenty of good times, gnarly slams and high-energy skate sessions kept the yearly gathering charged well into the early evening. The final results are below.

8th Annual Chili Bowl contest Women
1 Mimi Knoop
2 Katherine Folsom
3 Alex harper
4 Evelyn Abada

Chili Bowl #8 Results
8th Annual Chili Bowl contest Kids
1 Seth Sanders
2 Rowan Thunder
3 Ron Cortim
4 harvey Murphy

8th Annual Chili Bowl contest Masters
1 Jeff "Ffej" Hedges
2 Jason Richardson
3 Roger Folsom
4 Tom Max

8th Annual Chili Bowl contest Open Men
1. Raney Beres
2. Eddie Moreno
3. Jerry Gurney
4. Chris Russell
5. Demarcus James

8th Annual Chili Bowl contest Chili
1. Ssippi – Right Quick Chili
2. Josh Matlock – Chili con Convict
3. Reija Collinson – Kissin’ Cousins Chili
4. Geoff Federoff – Meat Mitts con Carne

Thanks to Toad and Salmon and all the people that participated to make another great Chili Bowl a big success! Thanks to all the Sponsors: Thrasher Magazine, Lowcard Mag, Skidmark SkateMag, Anti-Hero Skateboards, Think Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Heavy Wheels, Emerica, Paradox Grip, Creature Skateboards, the Gullwing Army, Black Star Beer, Lucky Bearings, Dirty Pigeon, Mission Skateboards, Hangtown Skateshop, Monster Energy Drink, the Poseidon Foundation, Erik and Andrea Bibelheimer, Trife, Blood Wizard and Skate and Destroy Breast Cancer for all the product and financial support you guys gave to help make this happen. See you all next year!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, August 26, 2012 


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