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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chris Miller Video Interview

Chris Miller Video Interview
Chris Miller Video interview with 
Chris Miller Video Interview

We told you from the start, skateboarding has everything to do with surfing and nothing to do with the rest. Yes, skateboarding is a big boy now, as big as surfing, but surfers and skateboarders are ultimately looking for the same stuff. Skateboarders tried to copy surfing in the late 70’s with bold moves from seasoned surfers Buttons Kaluhiokalani and Larry Bertleman adapted to the banks and later the backyard pools by the Z-Boys. 30 years later, it was the surfer themselves that acknowledged skateboarding by mimicking and even giving skateboarding names to surfing tricks. It’a come in full circle now, especially since, a surfing website has now published in less than 24 hours two interviews of skateboarding heroes: Grant Brittain and Chris Miller. It's actually not a surprise that those two are the firts ones since they have a history of working together, especially the six-six expo at Encinitas early June 2012.

Pro-Tec Pool Party 2011 results, Chris Miller, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Eric Nash, Duane Peters, Sergie Ventura, Salba
Chris Miller at Protec Pool Party: smooth, fast, fluid and flawless
To proudly paraphrase what has to say about Chris Miller, we’ll emphasize that Chris Miller “is a shining example of a person who's been able to translate lessons learned from an athletic area to one of business. Along with contemporaries like Tony Hawk, Chris has helped push modern skateboarding into the mainstream world with his participation in the clothing company Planet Earth and the shoe company Adio. In this episode of InnerViews, Chris reflects upon his life from his bone crushing beginnings to building successful brands while sharing wisdom and epic runs with his son Zach.

Some say Chris Miller is skating better than ever as he continues to push his skills and dominate contests (5-time Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party champion). He is also now the creative director at Alli Sports which is NBC's action sports division.

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