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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Coastal Carnage 2012 Results and Highlights

How Did Ben Raybourn win Coastal Carnage 2012?

Ben Raybourn winner of the 2012 Coastal Carnage
Coastal Carnage 2012 Results and Highlights

Today in Huntington Beach, skate icons and OG Lance Mountain and Omar Hassan competed alongside young rippers Tom Remillard, Kalani David, Ben Hatchell, Robbie Russo, Curren Caples, Kevin Kowalski, Pedro Barros, Div Adams, Kyle Berard, Ben Raybourn, Josh Mattson, Andrew Langi and a lot more as they shredded the Coastal Carnage bowl.

The sun was high in the sky and the temperature was soaring. I did not even dare to ask how hot it was. Nestled in the media section I did not even realize that the sun burned so hot. After all, that’s why we invited the sun, to go with the babes on the
Ben Hatchell on the top of the shark
grandstands that heated even more the spirit with their “free hug, more if affinity” declaration written all over their bodies. But without the babes, the dust, the music and the skaters, there would be no Coastal Carnage, no dream, no webcast, no contest; just survival. And survival there was a lot. Whether you talk about Tom Remillard who collided at least ten times against other skaters or Screech who skated with a cast and a style that would make Duane peters jealous… Screech skated like there was no future, just like DP… The commenters even made a joke when they announced that Screech had won $1,000 for the best trick contest. “Where is Screech?” asked one, “Oh, he is at the hospital!” answered the other…
Aaron Homoki (Jaws) won $3,000 for the Coastal Carnage best trick. He also landed 7th at the Converse contest.
Eventually, Screech came to the podium to grab his $200…

So, yes, the contest was gnarly. Every skater was different, each with a different personality, different approach, different speed, different technique and different background. Robbie Russo was showing that even if the bowl was fast, he could go faster. Charlie Blair was doing his signature trick all over the place: the finger flip to fakie. Kevin Kowalski showed that you did not need speed to land tricks after tricks and his favorite place was definitively the Shark. Kevin Kowalski and Ben Hatchell were in the same category:
Pedro Barros
less speed but more tricks. Hatchell landed some pretty good things like his front blunt over the cradle… Tom Remillard was asked before the contest if he was ready to win, he said that he had a great time last year and he was stoked. One can only wonder if Remillard was given more points because of all the misses and collision, but eventually, that did not came into the equation. Too bad.

It was a combination of speed, skill, stalefish, backside 360, fakie 540 and heavy use of the Shark that helped to propel 25 year old skater Ben Raybourn into 1st place and a $20,000 payday. He disintegrated the competition's dreams by unloading trick after trick, each one more stunning
Omar Hassan Coastal Carnage 2012

than the one before. Even 16 year old Brazilian megastar Pedro Barros, Ben Hatchel and Curren Caples had to fight to keep up with him. Between Raybourn and his fellow skaters the bowl was a flurry of backside ollies, backside tailside to fakies, switches, tailgrabs, 720s and McTwists.

Like last year, 16 year old Curren Caples claimed 3rd place with its $8,000 prize purse and in the end Pedro Barros managed to snag a 4th place win and a $12,000 payday for himself. Barros is fresh off stellar performances delivered at both the X Games 18 and all his wins in 2012, including the Protec Pool Party, The Bowl-A-Rama at Bondi beach and the Bowl-A-rama in Wellington. Pedro barros said that he was not like winning today because the bowl was too crowded and he could not watch his back and skate 100% at the same time.

Eventually, Ben Raybourn won the stuff and brough back home $20,000 for 1st Place at this year's Coastal Carnage Presented by Converse.

The Coastal Carnage 2012 at Huntington Beach is a wrap…

Coastal Carnage 2012 at Huntington Beach: Full Results

1 Ben Ryabourn
2 Ben Hatchell
3 Curren Capples
4 Pedro Barros
5 Ben Reamers
6 Greyson Fletcher
7 Aaron Homoky
8 Ronnie Sandoval
9 Kevin Kowalski
10 Charlie Blair
11 Tom Remillard
12 Raney Beres
13 Robbie Russo
14 Riley Stevens
15 Lance Mountain

Tom Remillard Coastal  Carnage 2012
Coastal Carnage 2012 Best Trick result

1 Aaron Homoki Kickflip melon grab to tail on the shark
2 Ben Hatchell Blunt kickflip fakie on the cradle.
3 Charlie Blair Blunt kickflip fakie on the shark.
4 Kevin Kowlaski Frontside invert off the shark into the clamshell.
5 Josh Borden Cab indy nosepick on the shark.
6 Ben Raemons
7 Screech Josh Sandoval

Curren Caples 3rd place at Coastal Carnage 2012

Josh Sandoval (Screech) did not make the finals but he is still our favorite.
One of the reasons might be because he is so similar to Duane Peters

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