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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dew Tour 2012 Ocean City results and Highlights

The winners of the 2012 Dew Tour at Ocean City

Dew Tour 2012 Ocean City results and Highlights

As the second Ocean City Dew Tour Bowl contest went down the annals of Ocean City, the event was preordained to be one for the history books from its very inception. The organization was there, the champs were there, the spectators were there, and even the rain was there… Add to those facts a battle of mythical proportions, gorgeous music , awesome coverage by NBC and enthusiastic crowds as final flourishes and you've got yourself a bona fide best seller.
Pedro Barros: "This is my second year skating in Ocean City, the second year I won! 
I'm stoked on this place!" Photo Crosland dew Tour Alli
An estimated 30,000 spectators gathered along Ocean City's shores to watch the likes of Maryland native Bucky Lasek go head to head with the young Tom Scharr, Ben hatchel, Pedro Barros and others.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature was the one that got the trophy this afternoon. After a good 40mn wait because of the rain, the organizers decided to call of the event. On the Dew Tour Facebook page was thss message: “The rain prevented us from being able to finish the Skate Bowl final on NBC, if you're with us, go to now to watch the remainder of the final! We'll also show the Super Final tonight on NBC Sports Network.

Bucky Lasek , who was born roughly three hours away from the Ocean City venue in Armistead Gardens, left Maryland for the sunny shores of California over a decade ago. Considered one of the world's most proficient and iconic vert skaters of all times, Lasek was favored to win. But Ocean City is a far cry from Vegas and the odds makers obviously didn't count on the skills and heart possessed by Pedro Barros, Ben Hatchell,
Ben Hatchell padless in the concrete bowl. He finished 3rd. Photo Crosland Dew Tour Alli
Andy MacDonald and others.

Bucky Lasek fought hard unleashing a mesmerizing frontside rodeo followed by other equally breathtaking maneuvers. Lasek wasn't the only competitor attracting the attention of the crowd with his skills. Twelve years Tom Schaar enforced his presence when he executed a flawless 720. He was the only one to try it and what’s more, the only one to land it!! Ben Hatchell also had his moment, drawing applause for his Frontside Hurricane. In the end it was exactly like last year and Pedro Barros claimed first place courtesy of an unremitting lines of sick, slick, substantial 540 variations, transfers, kickflips and grabs. "I was stoked with whatever happened in the results, but I wish we could have skated,” said Pedro Barros.

Bucky Lasek finished 2nd. "I think all in all we put a good show on," said Bucky optimistically. Talking about Pedro Barros after the podium, Bucky knows that he is always going to be stiff competition. "He's been getting the better of me lately. He skates with so much power and speed. I think I have him on the technical side, but with that come a bit more falling. I need to work on a better formula to take down the Brazilian powerhouse," said Bucky. Ben Hatchel who was the only one skating padless in the bowl, finished 3rd.

It’s just bad luck that the rain had to stop the contest, we will never know how Tom Schaar would have been placed if the contest had followed. With no super final Tom Schaar 8ft stale fish through the corner was not taken onto account. He definitively deserved a place in the top 3 just for that. But, since he is only a 12 year old kid, he will have plenty of time in the future to prove his skills!!

Dew Tour 2012 Ocean City Pro Bowl results:

1. Pedro Barros      85.76
2. Bucky Lasek      84.13
3. Ben Hatchell       83.38 85.25
4. Sandro Dias        82.88
5. Tom Schaar        82.01
6. Alex Sorgente      81.25
7. Andy Macdonald  79.63
8. Joshua Rodriguez 78.88
9. Kalani David       78.13
10. Zach Miller       75.01

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