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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dew Tour 2012: Ocean City Results

The Podium at Ocean City for the 2012 Dew Tour: Christian Hosoi, Chis Miller and Steve Caballero

Dew Tour 2012: Ocean City Legends Results

The master’s division of the 2012 Dew Tour is over. As last year, the Ocean City beach was hosting the bowl section of the Dew Tour 2012 and as last year, Chris Miller won the bowl…

In an interview after the win, Chris Miller said: "I've known a lot of these guys since I was 10 years old," he added that "We grew up together and it means a lot to skate with them. It's great that we're all still skating and have a forum like this to come out and show the public what we do."

Chris Miller was one of the masters of the infamous Pipeline skatepark, home of the Alba family, who are still skating 35 years after the facts. Whether they skate better than 35 years ago is not even discussed; with the introduction of street tricks into the bowl routine, bowl riding has known an awesome lift those last 3 years, with skateparks popping up everywhere, not only in the USA, but worldwide.

Dew Tour 2012 Skate legend Bowl Results: Chris Miller is #1 

Chris Miller also designed the Dew Tour bowl with Spohn Ranch.

The Pantech Beach Championships continues on Friday with BMX park prelims, BMX vert finals and skate vert semifinals, as well as concerts from Theophilus London and Lupe Fiasco.

Ocean City Dew Tour Results

1st Place - Chris Miller
2nd Place - Christian Hosoi
3rd Place - Steve Caballero
4th Place - Lance Mountain
5th Place - Tony Magnusson
6th Place - Pat Ngoho
7th Place - Jeff Grosso
8th Place - Eddie Elguerra
9th Place - Steve Alba

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