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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elliot Sloan Run at Dew Tour 2012 in Ocean City

Elliot Sloan with the run that landed him #2 at Dew Tour 2012 in Ocean City
Elliot Sloan Biography

Elliot Sloan might be the most unlikely vert skateboarder in the world. The fact that he can even drop in, much less shred the pipe professionally is a pretty big deal when you take into account the following: He grew up in New York City where he learned to catch air at Chelsea Piers on the world’s worst vert ramp, all while every other skateboarder in the city was out dodging traffic and acting like they were in that movie “Kids.”
With the ability to go big, and flip and spin with the best of them, only the trivial matter of staying on for 45 seconds stands between Elliot and international celebrity status. He’s cornered the market in style however, so even when he’s just cruising around it looks like he’s totally shredding.

In 2006, while still a 17 year old starving am, Elliot decided he’d had it with NYC’s lack of vert and abundance of snow, and convinced his mom and Hemi the dog that moving out West would be good for the whole family. Hello San Diego! It wasn’t all glitz and glam coming up however. Elliot did everything from bussing tables to construction until finally turning pro and raking in the cash just by showing his grill around the pipe.

Today Elliot is counted among the few souls brave enough to step up to the Mega Ramp where he’s not afraid to 360 the 70-foot gap or float a slow mo tail grab five on the quarter. So yeah, he’s come a long way for a kid from the City.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, August 22, 2012 


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