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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grant Brittain - Video Interview

Grant Brittain - InnerViews
Interview with Grant Brittain

Called InnerViews, here is a new interview of famous skateboard photographer Grant Brittain.
Beginning his photography career in the early 80s at the famed Del Mar Skate Ranch, which he managed for years, Grant Brittain has become the definitive documentarian of modern skateboarding. For decades his images have conveyed the diy/punk ethos of skateboarding by chronicling the exploits of those re-appropriating their antiseptic urban environs into endless playgrounds.

Over the past twenty years, Brittain has helped TransWorld grow into the most popular skate mag in the world, and has captured the best skateboarders of the last two decades in photos that have become classics.
Grant Brittain’s personal work-abstracts, portraits, landscapes and travel images-seems to draw from the opposite energy of his action images. His “off hours” are consumed by a search for calmer and more serene subjects. Still lakes at night and solitary desert forms are among the subjects of his diverse personal work. Some of his portraits of well-known athletes even manage to divulge a more reflective side of their personalities.

Recently, Grant and a group of skateboarding elite talent have left Transworld Skate and started The Skateboard Mag.

In this episode of InnerViews, we head over to Bucky Lasek's state-of-the-art backyard bowl for a private session to watch Grant in action and stop by Grant's studio where he provides us with a great perspective into a lifestyle that has kept him stoked for over 30 years.
For more of Grant's work, check out his website at and his magazine

Camera/Edit:James Campbell, Cyrus Sutton
Producer: Cyrus Sutton
Music: "Master At Work" Connie Price & The Keystokes is the originator of Grant Brittain Interview

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