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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Highvalley Skateworld Stockholm, update

Highvalley Skateworld Stockholm, update
Highvalley Skaterworld Skatepark
A skater's paradise outside of Stockholm: Highvalley Skateworld

Just outside of Stockholm is the construction site of what looks like Europe's biggest skate park: The Highvalley Skateworld and according to the enclosed video, it’s almost finished.
The official opening is about September 1st, so, of course, we had to trespass and look at what they had going in. The Highvalley Skateworld is going to be able to offer every type of skateboarder something to have fun with and especially if you just love to skate concrete.

Highvalley Skateworld is designed by Pillar Studios and will be built by Artisan Skate Parks.

The Rendering of the Highvalley skatepark
A huge pool landscape with all types of heights, vert and even a huge cradle will be waiting to be laid to waste with a street area and a one of a kind ditch made just for the park. The Highvalley Skateworld will be finished just for fall, when the rain starts, so the locals are already having sessions. Isn’t it time to book you flights to Stockholm? Or better, just move to Sweden after all, Copenhagen is not that far and they already have one of the sickest skatepark around! More updates coming soon as this looks almost too good to be true – a skateboarder’s dream!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, August 09, 2012 


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