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Saturday, August 18, 2012

How Chris Miller won the Pantech Dew Tour 2012 at Ocean City

How Chris Miller Won Dew Tour: Final and winning run. Take Notice
Overview of the Dew Tour 2012 Bowl at Ocean City. Photo Crossland -Dew Tour - Alli
How Chris Miller won the Pantech Dew Tour 2012 at Ocean City

Chris Miller with son, Zach Miller during dew Tour 2012
The concrete bowl on the Ocean City beach was filled with skateboarder's most recognized names on the opening night of the Ocean City Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championship, but when it was all said and done only one legend walked away the victor - again - Chris Miller.

Dew Tour 2012 Masters (Legends) Results

1st Place - Chris Miller
2nd Place - Christian Hosoi
3rd Place - Steve Caballero
4th Place - Lance Mountain
5th Place - Tony Magnusson
6th Place - Pat Ngoho
7th Place - Jeff Grosso
8th Place - Eddie Elguerra
9th Place - Steve Alba

There was a lot of rain during the Dew Tour Contest at Ocean City, but when the rain settled, Chris Miller was able to maintain his title in the Dew Tour Legends Jam with giant corner airs and backside lipslides in the deep end complemented by bluntslides across the middle section. "The one thing about Cab, Lance and those guys is that they are all really consistent. Everybody made their first run, so I went a little more conservative. Because I do get nervous, it gives me a lot of energy which is good and bad. I was just saying to myself 'be calm' and that was what I did. Once I made two runs, I was like 'okay, now I can relax and try to go bigger,'" said Miller. That was exactly what he did. After his second run Miller locked in the highest score of the night which carried him to the win and a victory lap.

Chris Miller later said that: "Bowl skating really emerged from the California surf culture trying to emulate wave riding in empty swimming pools. That was before my time, but I have skated a fair number of backyard pools and the fun of that is the sense of discovery and challenge in finding and riding something that isn't designed to be ridden. With an empty pool, you never know what you're going to get. Some of them are perfect and amazing, and some are terrible. You never know until you try."

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, August 18, 2012 


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