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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How To Rock Shuffle Fakie With Jeff Hedges

How To Do a Rock Shuffle Fakie With Jeff Hedges
Jeff Hedges at Greg's ramp doing Malba and Allen Losi tricks 
How To Rock Shuffle Fakie With Jeff Hedges

The Rock N Roll fakie is a quick, common and easy lip trick performed mostly to link tricks together on mini ramps. The front truck is placed over the lip of the ramp and then the board is "rocked" slightly before coming back down backwards (fakie). Jeff Hedges is showing here the Rock N Roll Fakie with a twist in the matter of a shuffle when going down. To be able to do this trick, you need to know how to do 1) a fakie on a ramp 2) a rock n roll on a ram 3) a shuffle on a ramp.

Jeff Hedges (aka. ffej) was a 1988 Amateur Vert and Street Champion at the Münster Monster Mastership, in skateboarding. He was filmed skating in the Santa Cruz Skateboards video / movie called Streets of Fire. He came back to the skateboard scene a couple of years ago watching live the Protec Pool Party. He mostly skates at San Jose skatepark...

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, August 23, 2012 


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