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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Malmö 2012 Ultrabowl IV contest results and video

Ultra Bowl IV Malmo: masters final edit
Malmö 2012 Ultrabowl IV contest results

The Malmö 2012 Ultrabowl IV is a wrap. The event was held at the world-famous Stapelbäddsparken skatepark and took place from August 17th – 19th 2012 with a full program of skateboarding and loads of extras for everyone to enjoy another massive weekend. The line-up confirmed once again skaters where ready to come from everywhere in the world and especially the USA to and to get pretty mad on the concrete.

Malmö 2012 Ultrabowl IV Pro results
1 Brad mac Clain
2 Fernando Bramsmark
3 Kevin Kowalski
4 Cody Lockwood
5 Josh Borden

Malmö 2012 Ultrabowl IV Master results
1 Matthias Sernkloc
2 Nicky Guerrero
3 Mark Scott
4 Sean Geoff

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, August 19, 2012 


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