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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pedro Barros talks about Skate Generation

Andre Barros, co-organizer with Pedro Barros and Red Bull of the 2012 Skate Generation in Florianopolis Brazil...
Pedro Barros Skate Generation 2012
Pedro Barros Skate Generation

Following the huge success of the inaugural Red Bull Skate Generation in 2010, the international invitational event returned to Florianopolis in Brazil on April 1st 2012 for a second contest of cross-generation skating skills. Held in local hero Pedro Barros’s very own private skatepark (Florianopolis) and in front of 2000 fans, Pedro Barros' backyard bowl jammed legends like Christian Hosoi and Jeff Grosso together with young guns from Brazil and everywhere who competed with seasoned pros. Barros used his home advantage to good effect as he grabbed victory to cement his reputation as the king of the bowl and eventually won the contest.

This is the teaser of Bowlmania tv show! Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, Duane Peters, Rune Glifberg, Omar Hassan many other Brazilian pros or amateurs killing the RTMF BOWL

Red Bull Skate Generation 2012 Results:(Teams shown in Pro/Legend/Pro Master/Amateur format):

Pedro Barros/Christian Hosoi/Léo Kakinho/Felipe Caltabiano
Sandro Dias/Jeff Grosso/Raul Roger/Franco
Nathan “Jimmy”/Duane Peters/Mauro Mureta/Alex Sorgente
Omar Hassan/Marco Aurélio “Jeff”/Murilo Feitosa/Eduardo Braz
Marcelo Kosake/Luis Roberto Formiga/Vi Kakinho/Cristiano Mateus

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, August 15, 2012 


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