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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sesh at The Cove with Kiko Francisco and Morgan Wolf

Kiko Francisco at The Cove
Sesh at The Cove with Kiko Francisco and Morgan Wolfe

The greatest skate sesh are the ones that you don’t plan. I had just proposed Fred Ferand to come to The Cove for an impromptu sesh. Fred is a French photographer that has been taking skate pictures for the past 25 years and he happened to be in California at the time. Not only Fred has worked with the best mags in Europe, but he has also worked with isTia on different occasions, sending pictures from France and Europe and even writing contest reports from far away. The idea of the impromptu sesh was just to skate and forget about the problems of the everyday
Morgan Wolf
life and about the rest.

But when I arrived, I met with Morgan Wolfe who was doing some community work at The Cove. Ya know, helping with admission, entries, cleaning, supervising and whatnot. Morgan is one of those amateurs that will be ready to turn pro if he stills get as committed to skateboarding in a few years as he is right now. Commitment is what transforms a dream into reality. And I have the feeling that Morgan is a big time dreamer… You aren’t just born good at shredding pools, you need to practice, push yourself and change the face of things. So when I asked if I could shoot him, he said yes, but only after calling Kiko Francisco.

Fred Ferand, showing Kiko and Morgan his commitment to photography... 
Kiko’s world is Venice skatepark. It is where he excels; it is his territory and no-one better than Rae Ray can transform Kiko’s commitment to skateboarding into still pictures that talks more than words.

Kiko Francisco
After a couple of minutes, the so-called impromptu skate sesh turned into a photo sesh with Kiko and Morgan shredding the coping as hard as they could. Fred was stoked. All the kids around the bowl were stoked and formed a line just to see what all that commotion was about… The level and mastering of Kiko and Morgan was simply unbelievable. Everybody was committed to the core, Fred and I taking pictures and Kiko and Morgan exploding in the big bowl.

These are just a few pix of the sesh. Be ready to see more pix of Kiko Francisco and Morgan Wolfe in some European magazine or blog anytime soon thanks to Fred Ferand …

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, August 01, 2012 


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