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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week End With Shane Borland

Week-End with Shane Borland
Shane Borland

A Weekend of filming at a few parks with Shane Borland. Venice Beach Skatepark and Channel Street Skatepark. Shane Rides for Powell Peralta , Bones, Zico, Volcom, Globe

Birthdate: 5/26/99
Birthplace: Topanga Canyon
Sponsors: Volcom, Globe, BONES WHEELS, Bones Bearings, Zico, and Powell-Peralta.
Resides: Topanga Canyon, California.
Years skating: 7
Stance: Regular.
First Setup: A rocket power board from toys r us.
Music: Young the Giant, Foster the People, Taylor Swift, and FUN.
Favorite web sites: Surfline and The Berrics.
Favorite place to travel to: Hawaii and Brazil.
Last skate magazine looked at: Thrasher.
Last skateboard video you saw: Disorganized fun.
Favorite Powell-Peralta video: Animal Chin.
First skate video you watched: dog town and z boyz the documentary.
Movies: 21 Jump Street, Hunger Games, and Hangover 1.
Favorite Skater on Powell-Peralta: All of them

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, August 08, 2012 


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