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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who invented skateboarding?

"This is the great thing about having one photograph of myself skateboarding;
it doesn't change. It becomes iconic in and of itself. Jams from Dave Rochlen;
Sperry Todsiders; Makaha with clay wheels; Brentwood Elementary school
on San Vicente Blvd in West Los Angeles. At a certain point it didn't get much
better than that in 1963. We would skate there as much as we could." JFitz
"Who invented skateboarding?"

This question is so vague that we could spend countless hours speculating to finding a name without getting anywhere. Therefore, until now we can’t pinpoint to one particular guy and say that he was responsible for "inventing the skateboarding."
The widespread idea that surfers "invented" skateboarding is backed up by several reports, documentaries and even academic research vehemently argue this fact, without even problematize it. But in a world of uncertainty, Leonardo Brandao, a surfing historian is considering that surfers did not invent skateboarding... Ouch, that hurts! That hurts so much that we are in complete denial…

What Leonardo Brandao is advancing is that in relation to the 60’s wave of surfing, it is well documented that "the lack of waves on California beaches led some young people to create the skateboarding." The Strange World Magazine, recognized by questioning certain "myths", came to a halt in many legends concerning the history of skateboarding.
Thanks to advice given by historian Leonardo Brandao, the magazine has presented new evidence that the practice of skateboarding is much older than you think.

The beginnings of skateboarding date, therefore, not the 1960s, but from the late nineteenth century and probably from 1880. Cool, huh? And in its beginning, skateboarding was closer to the practice of skates and ice skates than of surfing. To read the full story about the history of skateboarding, just buy the magazine Strange issue 126, which is already on newsstands.

As far as we are concerned, even if skateboarding was not invented by surfers, it took the Californian surfers of the 60’s to develop it: Jim Fitzpatrick, Greg Carroll, Bruce Logan, George Trafton, John Fries, Woody Woodward, Danny Bearer, Davey and Steve Hilton and the first members of the Makaha team. And for that, the skateboard world will be forever indebted to surfers…

Additionally, you can read the very long interview with Jim Fitzpatrick where he talks about the origin of skateboarding on the beaches of Malibu from the 50's and well into the 60’s…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, August 15, 2012 


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