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Friday, September 14, 2012

Austin Poynter in Transworld

Austin Poynter at Upland
Austin Poynter at Upland made the Transworld spread

Austin Poynter is usually the type of guy to skate the Combi Pool or the Encinitas (read San Diego) ramps. So, it comes as a (good) surprise to see a picture of Austin at Upland!! This pic even made the spread of Transwordl. For this pic, Austin recalls that his Ocean Current Team Manager Aaron Astorga, wanted to go to a place where Austin could blast high airs and Upland seemed like a great place. Actually, Austin had not skated at Upland in years, but he had a blast at the pipe!

Eventually, the photo turned out great as Austin was blasing Airs over the fence.
Way to go Austin!!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, September 14, 2012 


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