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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Maloof Money Cup 2012 Kimberley South Africa Vert Results

At the 2012 Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championships in Kimberley South Africa, PLG takes his 4th Maloof Money Cup win.
The contest was marred with two incidents. Bob Burnquist fall on one of the rails at the bottom of the ramp and broke the rail but he was OK. More seriously Danny Mayer was attempting to do a back side air on the quarter pipe and hit his body on the lip which caused him to flip onto the ramp and hit his head. Danny is in serious but stable condition at the Kimberley Medical Clinic where he is currently getting x-rays and a CT scan as he has lacerations on his head but no apparent breaks. Eventually, Danny Meyer returned to the contest to watch the street finals...

There was also a problem with the LiveStream that could not be seen in Germany. According to the event organizers: "It seems to be a problem with some music tracks played in the stream. The GEMA, which is a german organization that monitors the replication of multimedia content, blocks the livestream on youtube because of music owned by Sony!"

In a close contest the Maloof Money Cup Vert results were:

1. PLG
2. Bob Burnquist
3. Andy MacDonald

Congratulations to Pierre Luc Gagnon on winning his 4th Maloof Money Cup Pro Vert World Championships!! Another $75,000 in his pocket!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, September 30, 2012 


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