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Monday, September 24, 2012

Maloof Money Cup Kimberley South Africa

Maloof Money Cup Kimberley South Africa
Maloof Money Cup Kimberley South Africa

According to Fox, they are one of the world's most-watched television networks and the most-watched television networks in the USA. That might be right except that I don’t know anybody who is watching Fox. Actually, I don’t know of any skater that’s still watching television: it's old, it's dying. Proof is that the sales (and the price) of big screen TV is dipping big time which make all the major manufacturer of TV extremely nervous...

That’s probably the reason why Maloof Money Cup's New York City and Orange County skate contests each got an hour show on Fox in 2010 but decided to go without the TV networks in 2012. Instead, The Maloof contest is now moving all that world-class skate action from the small screen to the big screen, with the theatrical release of the Maloof Money Cup contest in South Africa, to be held next week-end in Kimberley, South Africa.

According to Maloof Money Cup's director of skateboarding Tim McFerran : "Showing the contest in a movie theatre will give kids an opportunity to get in that communal environment to watch a major skate contest on the big screen and that is unprecedented."

The Maloof Money Cup course in South Africa

The contest movie will show in major markets at Regal, AMC, and Edwards theatre chains, according to Maloof's media team at Limelight Public Relations.

Part of the plan is to personalize the silver-screen spectacle with home-movie footage from the Maloof's ongoing video contest, where any skater with a camera can upload a one-minute clip -- the best of the best will be screened with the South Africa contest movie at theaters across the U.S.

Last year was unprecedented: the South Africa Maloof contest drew huge crowds to a brand new, Maloof-funded concrete skate plaza donated to the community after the event. (Straddling that fine line between am and pro, 19-year-old Ishod Wair came out on top in the pro street division, taking home a check for $100,000.)

Since then, Maloof skateboarding has made deeper inroads internationally, presently negotiating with "about 20 countries" to host Maloof events through 2015, McFerran said.
focus on the international side. The domestic marketplace has gotten pretty crowded , so focusing on the international side is a good move for skate contest. The World Cup Skateboarding has understood that a good 20 years ago… But not until a couple of years has the international skate grew so big. So, Maloof we need to go where the growth is.
Since the Maloof's first event in South Africa last year, sales of skate equipment and apparel are up 10 percent throughout the country, according to Marketwire.

Backed by the same family that owns the NBA's Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, the inaugural Maloof Money Cup was held in 2008 during the OC Fair in Southern California. Since then, according to McFerran, the Maloofs have spent more than $3 million domestically building public skateparks and have always enlisted respected pro skaters to consult on contest courses and formats. When it comes to skating, he says, the Maloof M.O. is to be "credible to the core and appealing to the masses."

The Maloof Money Cup is scheduled to take place in Kimberley, South Africa, Sept. 28-30 and will be released in theaters nationwide on October 2.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, September 24, 2012 


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