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Monday, September 10, 2012

OG Skate Jam #4 at the Combi Pool

Fourth OG Skate Jam at the Combi September 15th, 2012
OG Skate Jam #4 at the Combi Pool of Vans Skatepark on September 15th 2012
OG Skate Jam #4 at the Combi Pool on September 15th, 2012

Spausa and Concrete Disciples (with the sponsoring of isTia) are presenting the fourth stop of the OG Skate Jam 2012 in the prestigious Combi Pool at Vans skatepark on Saturday September 15th. The OG Skate Jam was created several of months ago with the idea that Old Guys too can participate in contests. The first stop was at Pedlow and the second stop was at Skatelab.

During the third stop, much more skaters showed up. The third stop was held at The Cove Skatepark of Santa Monica on August 30th, 2012 and saw Eddie Hadvina winning the 50+, Bernie O’Down winning the
Eddie Hadvina has won all the stops and is unbeatable in the 50+ category...
40-49, Kevin Burke winning the 30-39 and Melissa Splillman winning tge girl’s division.

The fourth stop of the OG Skate Jam was supposed to be held at Etnies skate park of Lake Forest. Everything had been prepared, the flyers, the tee shirts, the invitation, the medals, all of this with the Etnies Skatepark name on it, Lake Forest had agreed to co-sponsor our event - as all the cities have.

But at the last minute, actually 1 day before the event, Etnies asked for a $500 fee to use the park and extra insurance costing $450. We have no choice but to change locations. It took a couple of week to secure the new Vans location, but Steve Van Doren eventually confirmed that the use of the Combi was a go for the OG’s.

If you plan to participate, remember that Vans requires a list of competitors to get access to the bowl, so you need to preregister with Heidi Lemmon - To make it easy if you have ever competed in any of the OG events you will have your name on the list already. If this is your first, please register with Concrete Disciples ( or Heidi Lemmon

Spectators will not be allowed around the bowl, the upper mezzanine is the viewing area for spectators. Only competitors, pre-registered media, judges, and a few volunteers are allowed to access the Combi bowl area. The skatepark will be open as usual in the rest of the park. Hopefully we'll get the roll up door open on the square side for a few people to be able to watch.

Ladies Division looks to be on again. Over 30 and still shredding, the Old Gal Jam Series is on!

Overall Standings after the 1st three OG Skate Jam events:
30 - 39 Division
1 Steve Badillo 1450
2 Mike Buckley 1250
3 Zack Mayall 925
4 Sicky Nicky 900
5 Kevin Hewitt 850
6 Kevin Davis 825
7 Kevin Burke 500
8 Phil Farrel 450
8 P.J. Baldacchi 450
9 George Watanabe 425
10 Chris Purcell 375
11 Manny Ortiz 325
12 Mark Nelson 275
12 Mike Aranaw 275

40 - 49 division
1 Jeff Greenwood 1400
2 Robert Weddle 1200
3 Aaron Glasscock 1125
4 Darin Sanders 1100
5 Garret Naka 1000
6 Ron Chatman 750
7 Bradley Smith 675
8 Jeremy Fletcher 500
Rich Sanchez 500
Bernie O'Dowd 500
11 Mondo deLibertad 425
12 Dave Taylor 375
Jim Gray 375
13 Gerry Shuck 225
Greg le Blanc 225
James Rodriguez 225
Dave Fowler 225
Nick Couscouris 225
T-Bone 225
Starsky Klienhans 225
Pat Muzingo 225
Steve Primo 225
Kenny Nelson 225
Dale Andreoli 225
Andrew Ruiz 225
PJ Balducchi 225
Alex Aviles 225

50 + Division
1 Eddie Hadvina 2000
2 Greg Garret 1225
3 Steve Wright 1200
4 Jerry Schuman 875
5 Xavier Lannes 775
6 Carlos Novo 650
7 Chuck Hultz 425
8 Ron Grewohl 425
9 Rich Doherty 275
10 Russell Fleming 250


Rank Score
1 Mellissa Spillman 1500
2 cheryl juman-as 850
3 ocea iverson 750

The Scoring System. Jam #2 at Skatelab was double points.
1st 500
2nd 425
3rd 375
4th 325
5th 275
6th 250
7th 225
everyone gets 225 to enter 7th thru last

Additional reading
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- old-guys-never-die-og-jam-series-at.html
- Old Guy Skate Jam 2012

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