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Sunday, September 16, 2012

OG Skate Jam contest at Vans Combi Pool

OG Skate Jam contest at Vans Combi Pool
Eddie hadvina #1 Category 50 plus

Bennett Harada #1 category 30-39
Jean Rusen #2 Category Ladies

OG Skate Jam Contest at Vans Combi pool Results Ladies
1 Melissa Spillman
2 Jean Rusen
3 Cheryl Jumao-as

Jean Rusen Loved it!

Eddie Hadvina, cruising the round pool and landing #1 category over 5o years old... 
OG Skate Jam Contest at Vans Combi pool Results 50 Plus
1 Eddie Hadvina
2 Richard Connet
3 Dave hacket
4 Greg Garet

OG Skate Jam 2012 at Vans: Category 30-39: Harada, Briseno, Perez

OG Skate Jam 2012 Category 50 plus: Hadvina, Connet, Garret

Garett Naka #1 Category 40-49
OG Skate Jam Contest at Vans Combi pool Results 40-49
1 Garett Naka
2 Richard Sanchez
3 Mike Barnes
4 Dave Reul
5 Jeff Greenwood
6 Ron Chatman
8 Armando de La Libertad
9 Kevin Rucks
10 David Davenport
George Watanabee

Garry Shuck
Dave Reul

OG Skate Jam Contest at Vans Combi pool Results 30-39
1 Bennett Harada
2 Tony Briseno
2 Mike Perez
3 George Watannabee
4 Steve Badillo

Please, let me know if one name is misspelled. I copied this from the official results that were hand-written, so I apologize if I tortured your name …

I Loved it…
I loved it, I loved it, I loved it…

Today, I saw a true festival of friendship, power, technicity and fun. The OG skate Jam #4 was a blast! Originally scheduled at Etnies a couple of weeks ago, the #4 stop (of 5 stops) of the OG Skate Jam took place today at the prestigious Combi Pool of Vans skatepark. Thanks again to all the contestants for coming out! With a level through the roof, all the contestants of the 4 categories (over 50; 40-49; 30-39 and ladies) gave the best of themselves. This skate level among skaters over 30 years old is a true miracle if you consider that bowl riding was practically extinct during so many years. With the revival of bowl riding due to the opening of so many skateparks in SoCal and everywhere else in the USA and throughout the rest of the world, it was necessary to bring that kind of contest that are showing that there is no age limit to practice a high level of skateboarding. Of course, the younger generation (below 50) is to be applauded.
But it is truly the over 50, with guys like Greg garret, Dave Hackett , Richard Connet and especially Eddie Hadvina who need to get the kudos. Take a look at the pix, you’ll see Eddie Hadvina with his flawless invert or Dave Hackett effortlessly cruising the bowl and ripping the place. It’s so good to see this. Never never, we would have imagined this 35 years ago: not only still skating at 55 years old but with a level that’s insane. Let alone participating in contests at the Combi pool replica of the most challenging skatepark ever!!! Beyond the 50+ category, everybody who skated today deserved a medal: the medal of friendship, perseverance and fun. Like Heidi Lemmon said: “A contest is no fun without a lot of competitors and you guys / gals made it an epic day!”

A big thank you to VANS & Steve Van Doren who accepted to host this unique event and of course to all our Sponsors (take a look at the huge list on the OG Skate jam flyer), all the volunteers and the judges. Also thanks to Heidi Lemmon for this wonderful idea that she had and to Yoshi Nurijumi, Earl Okinaka, Jeff Greenwood & Carson Cornett. Impossible without everyone! 100% volunteer series! And again, like Heidi said: “Special thanks to the all the guys who entered to have fun and not to win.. You make it even more fun!”

The contest was also emotional with the remembering of Tom Sims who passed away a couple of days ago. Tom Sims was one of the pillars of skateboarding, especially in the 70’s and 80’s and he was honored with one minute of silence. R.I.P Tom Sims.

Next stop (and last stop of the OG Skate Jam series for this year) will be at Pedlow in about 3 weeks. Details coming out soon. I'll see you all there!!!

Looks like Dave Hackett loved it... 

And Jean Rusen Loved it too!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, September 16, 2012 

Anonymous Ryan said...

This was a great event! I had a blast skating with & meeting new people. All of the guys and girls were great, with extra credit to the 50+.

September 16, 2012 at 2:06 PM  

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