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Friday, September 14, 2012

reTerror in Tahoe: The return of the Mile High Massacre

In Brittain’s Vault episode 8, The Skateboard Mag’s Grant Brittain revisits NorCal circa 1985 with a photo of Lance Mountain at Mike Chantry’s ramp during
the Terror In Tahoe contest in July of 1985.
reTerror in Tahoe 2012
reTerror in Tahoe: The return of the Mile High Massacre
Hey, happy campers!! I mean you!! This week-end, Saturday 15th 2012, reTerror is bringing vertical skateboarding back to Lake Tahoe. It’s the return of The Mile High Massacre and The Terror in Tahoe. Vertical Skateboarding, Live Music, BBQ, Camping, and more!

What started as a small idea in the South Lake Tahoe skateboarding community has snowballed into the revival of one of the largest skateboarding competitions to come to the basin. Terror in Tahoe, a skateboard competition for professionals and amateurs, will return to Tahoe this Saturday after a 27-year hiatus.

The event, officially renamed reTerror in Tahoe, is the brainchild of Michael Chantry, a longtime skater in the basin who hosted the first version of the skate competition in 1984 at his Mile High Ramp in Tahoe City. That first event, which took its name from the ramp, was bigger than many of the organizers expected, drawing professional skaters from across the state.

That growth continued the following year with the newly-named Terror in Tahoe. At the time, big-name skaters like Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain and Chris Miller were traveling to the area and ripping it up on a hometown ramp built by Tahoe residents.

At the time, skateboarding hadn't developed much of a following in Northern California in the early '80s, drawing most of its base from the southern half of the state. It was a big deal to see legends like Hawk and Caballero in Tahoe, but there was also an air of informality about it, like a backyard barbecue. They were just there to ride a sweet ramp.

The reTerror at Tahoe will be dedicated to the memory of Tom Sims who passed away on September 13th.
RIP Tom Sims, you will be missed. 
To get those big-name professionals out here now would take thousands of dollars. reTerror at Tahoe anticipates some top-level talent making an appearance at this Saturday's competition, which will celebrate the memory of skate and snowboard pioneer Tom Sims who died from cardiac arrest on Wednesday. The response to Chantry's suggestion has been overwhelming in the skateboard community.

“Having this big ramp, a lot of the vertical riders can show their stuff. It's definitely a high-energy contest, that's for sure. I think this is going to be one of the best events to come to Lake Tahoe,” Says Janicot.

14 foot vertical, like in the 70's and 80's. There will be blood!! (well hopefully not actually). Photo Michael Chantry
With a 14-foot vertical wall and a monster clamshell bowl, the ramp is primed to be the arena for the weekend's skating battle. Pat Solomon, aka Pat Splatt, hand-built the structure 14 years ago in his backyard. According to Shon Baughman, owner of the Skate House in South Lake Tahoe, it's now been beefed up to pro-worthy status.
“Pictures don't do it justice. It'll baffle you. I've got about $4,200 to $5,000 invested in that ramp. I've got more lumber in it than most people have in their houses,” Solomon said.

Although there's still no guarantee regarding which professionals will make an appearance on the ramp, event promoter Jon Schurke said both Jeff Hedges and Jason Richardson are confirmed. Caballero and Mountain might also be among the competitors, Solomon said.

Rowan Thunder. Testing 1-2-3. OK, this part of the ramp is gnarly. Photo Michael Chantry
One thing that is assured is that there will be plenty of Tahoe talent ripping it up on Pat Splatt's ramp this Saturday, according to Janicot. The day starts early with an 8 a.m. practice session before the competition begins with skaters 18 years old and younger. Live music and a laser show will wrap up the festivities sometime after dark.

“I think there's going to be a lot more local, raw talent. People who have been skating in the Lake Tahoe Basin. We want as many people to come out as possible even if they don't skate. Skateboarding is like rock and roll — it's never going to go away,” Janicot said.
Skate Comp Pro/Am reTERROR IN TAHOE - Part III SEPTEMBER 15, 2012 "Jam Format Competition judged by the skaters on the ramp." Featuring live music by the Yeastie Boys and more. Win Cash Money and Prizes!!!

reTerror is bringing vertical skateboarding back to Lake Tahoe. It’s the return of The Mile High Massacre and The Terror in Tahoe. Vertical Skateboarding, Live Music, BBQ, Camping, and more!

reTerror in Tahoe Featured Bands:
• Yeastie Boys
• Guantanamo Dogpile
• Silly Dick & The Mic Testy's
• Go Time!

Band Set Times for reTerror in Tahoe September 15, 2012
2:00-2:30----Silly Dick and the Mic Testys
3:00-3:30----Go Time!
4:00-4:45----Guantanamo Dogpile
5:15-6:00----Yeastie Boys

Entry Fees:
• Men's Open/Women's Open/Pro Men's/Pro Women's Masters/Legends $20.00
• Please bring print/sign the waiver form for reTerror in Tahoe. This is required to enter. Children under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign waiver form. NO SIGNED WAIVER FORM, NO ADMITTANCE, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Go here to get the form,

reTerror In Tahoe Skate Comp Jam Sessions and Divisions:

Early Morning Practice Session 8A-10A

reTerror in Tahoe Skate Comp Session 10A-Finish
• 18 and under (TBA)
• Women's Open
• Men's Open
• Women's Pro
• Masters
• Men's Pro
• Best Trick Ramp/Bowl
• Best Trick Vert Wall

15 minute warm-up before each heat. Followed by a 25 minute jam session. Each skater in each heat will get a 1 minute solo-run and/or 2 bails. After each warm-up run is completed. The remaining time will be the jam session for that heat. The skaters in each heat will determine the winners by vote. 2 skaters from each heat will advance to final jam session for that division. Final jam sessions are based on the number of skaters in each division. reTerror in Tahoe Jam Session will be followed by a 15-20 minute Best Trick Jam Session and a 15-20 minute Best Trick on Vert-Wall Jam Session.

Cash and Prizes:

After Party:
• Laser Light Show put to music and broadcasted onto ramp surface.

reTerror in Tahoe is BYOB. You are responsible for your own actions. Stay thirsty my friends. Pack out what you pack in.

NO PARKING ON HIGHWAY 50! Parking will be available at Sno-Park the top of Echo Summit California. A Shuttle buss will bring skaters/people to and from. Camping space is available. Don't drink and drive! Buss Drivers like tips.

Directions: Look up the location using Google or Bing Maps. Please park at Sno-Park on the top of Echo Summit. Ramp Coordinates, 38.824384,-120.06032

Be Prepared for Tahoe:
The weather in the area can vary greatly by the day or hour. Bring extra clothing, good footwear, sleeping gear, sunglasses, food, and drink.

reTerror in Tahoe is brought to by with the help from:
• Red Bull -
• Hangtown Skateshop -
• Pioneer Snow Skates -
• Mountain Menace -
• 702 Skate and Snow -
• Carve Sunglasses
• Shred -
• Bullet Proof Grip-N-Slide -
• Paradox Grip -
• Lake Taco -
• Skate House Skatepark -
• Schurke Media Arts -
• Pat Splatt's Ramp -

Booth Space and Banner Space is Available. Sponsorship Inquires please send us a message via Facebook.

Original Source:
Freely adapted from a post from Tahoe Daily Tribune...
Photos by Michael Chantry, used by permission.

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