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Thursday, September 13, 2012

R.I.P. Skate and Snowboard pioneer Tom Sims

R.I.P. Tom Sims. SkateBoard and Snowboard pioneer
R.I.P Tom Sims

Tom Sims (born 1950-2012) was a former World Snowboarding Champion (1983), World Champion Skateboarder (1975) and founder of Sims Snowboards and Sims Skateboards. He lived in Santa Barbara, California since 1971 and died from cardiac arrest Wednesday night, according to a statement released by Sims Snowboards.

Tom Sims is frequently credited with inventing the first modern snowboard. The "Skiboard" prototype he built in his seventh grade wood shop class in 1963 is currently on display at the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum in Vail, as are some of his earliest boards with metal edges and official results sheets from some of the earliest snowboard contests he won, dating as far back as 1982.

"Tom's accomplishments speak for themselves," reads a statement released today by Sims Snowboards, the company he founded.
Tom Sims
"A true pioneer, Tom brought forward thinking concepts and innovations that forever changed the landscape of the snow and skate industry. His constant quest for the deepest powder, the longest downhill road and the smoothest wave has been and always will be an inspiration to us all."

Sims ran a skateshop and founded Sims Skateboards in Santa Barbara, Calif., in the 1970s and won the Skateboard World Championships in 1976, and was featured, along with Stacy Peralta, in the 1976 skateboard film "Freewheelin.' " Peralta and Christian Hosoi both turned pro for Sims shortly thereafter, and Peralta's warp-tail board on Sims became the gold standard of skateboards at the time.

But his biggest marks would come in the snowboard industry: Tom Sims and Chuck Barfoot collaborated on some of the earliest commercial snowboard designs beginning in 1977 before Sims set out on his own to start Sims Snowboards.
'Freewheelin' is a skateboarding documentary, or more specifically, a peak into the early days of pre-mega stardom Stacy Perlata, former Zephyr team skater. The movie is narrated by Camille Darrin who is either Perlata's best friend or girlfriend. She travels around with the film crew to various California destinations with his friends, Tom Sims (founder of Sims skate and snowboards), Ken Means (one of the few freestyle rollerskaters), Mike Weed, and others.
Tom Sims on the set of Freewheelin' in 1977

Sims is credited with inventing the first snowboards with metal edges and incorporating some of the earliest high-back binding systems. He also helped introduce some of the sport's first halfpipe and freestyle competitions, and was the first to sponsor riders like Craig Kelly who would go on to bring the sport to new heights and mainstream attention.

rare clip of Tom Sims, pioneer of skateboarding and snowboarding along with team members Steve Monohan and Edie Robertson
Tom Sims

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