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Friday, September 28, 2012

Skateboarding is garbage

Religion is garbage: The first phase of the campaign featured a subversive
image on the leader of Hillsong, a powerful pentecostal church led by
New Zealander Brian Houston.
Skateboarding Religion is garbage.

Eshe is a Kiwi brand of decks and skater clothing that is making waves in the worldwide consensus that “you shall not critic religion” . Eshe just released this week some incendiary posters meant to shock every religious believer and even some atheist. Although four of these posters are actually from 2010, most of them were just released this week.
Those posters appear to be heavily influenced by the Garbage Pail Kids cards.
Eshe Streetwear claims to use the graphics in order to "shine a light on the absurd and irrational".

The designs received various criticisms, as expected, since they practically made fun and even puns with names and illustrations of different religions. Curiously, the designs seem not even meant to promote the shirt brand. It obviously promotes a certain belief, which is "Religion is Garbage."

A spokesman for Eshe said: “Skateboarding used to be edgy back in the 90s. Everything today seems very tame, boring and to be honest, the way the religion wants a special exemption from criticism and free speech being held hostage by fanatics, pisses us off. We decided it would be fun to use satire to make a point, rather than yet another boring as hell logo design.”
On whether the campaign was deliberately provocative, he said: “Absolutely. The freedom to be offensive is important.”

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, September 28, 2012 


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