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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bergfest 2012 Munster Germany

Bergfest 2012 Munster Germany
Bergfest 2012 two day skate contest in Münster, Germany with the Adolescents finishing off the skate assault on the Monster Bowl. A low-fi skate Adolescents rock video. Sometimes you aim high, othertimes you aim low. Drunkfest 2012 - Münster, Germany.
Filmed & Edited by Jonathan Hay / Confusion Magazine

1st place Jürgen Horrwarth (DE)
2nd place Ben Hatchell (US)
3rd place Ivan Federico (IT)
4th place Renton Millar (AU)
5th Place Andrea Casasanta (IT)

1st place Thilo Nawrocki (DE)
2nd place Tobias Springborn (DE)
3rd place Oliver Gordon (AT)
4th place Daniel Beck (DE)
5th place Jörg Caprez-Keller (DE)

1st place Fabian Wenzel (18), Münster, Allemagne
2nd place Tim Turudija (19), Münster, Allemagne
3rd place Sebastian Nienhaus (23), Senden, Allemagne
4th place Patrick Bormann (20), Münster, Allemagne
5th place Christopher Skubis (25), Hagen, Allemagne

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, October 15, 2012 


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