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Monday, October 29, 2012

Bucky Lasek’s annual BOO-BQ party in Heaven

Bucky Lasek’s annual BOO-BQ party in Heaven
Bucky Lasek’s annual BOO-BQ party in Heaven

Saturday was the annual Boo-B-Q party at Bucky Lasek’s pool. Some of the skateboarding who’s who not stranded in New York by sandy was there to enjoy the feast. It is actually incredible to know that, while the East coast is under a storm watch with the biggest storm ever seen in New England, Southern California is blessed with soaring temperatures and a summer-like sun. Temperatures were so hot over the week-end that you could stay in shorts and tee shirt well into the night and not feel any kind of cold.
Jeff Hedges doing what he does best. Photo Jim Goodrich

Andy McDonald, still holding the record for the most X Games medals. Photo Jim Goodrich

A couple of years ago, when Rockstar Energy Drink skateboarder Bucky Lasek built this monster bowl in his own backyard, a couple of people said that this massive thing was impossible to skate. This exclusive bowl is actually carved 13.5 feet into the earth of Bucky Lasek's backyard and nothing like this had been made before. Now, after countless sessions and parties, we see that the naysayers were wrong, as usual…
Photo Jim Goodrich

Bucky Lasek. Photo Jim Goodrich

When asked about why did he built a bowl so big, Bucky just asnwers: “I always wanted to build something nice and big. I’ve always ridden these bowls that just didn’t feel right. They were all kind of whippy. They were really tight, fast, and it always hurt when I fell. I just wanted to relate what bowls are today to what vert skating is becoming with the big trannys. It’s a lot easier on your body. You can go a lot faster and a lot bigger. So, we built this bowl. It’s 13.5 ft. deep in the arrow head section and it’s 12.8 ft. in the round. It’s on a slight slope and I made all the hips 45 degrees or less. Real mellow so you don’t get caught with any sharp edges, so you don’t get jammed up
Jack Sparrow, Bucky Lasek aaarrrgh matey. Photo Jim Goodrich

Bucky Lasek. Photo Jim Goodrich

Lasek started skateboarding at the age of twelve, shortly after his bike was stolen. After entering amateur contests, he was quickly noticed by Powell Peralta talent scouts in 1987. Powell sponsored Lasek, and he made his video debut in the 4th Bones Brigade video, Public Domain (1988).

Lasek turned pro for Powell in 1990—but by this time, skateboarding and vert skating particularly began to lose popularity, and Lasek's career waned. When ESPN took vert skating under its wing as part of the X Games in the mid 1990s, Lasek's career made a comeback and he soon became one of the most recognizable skateboarders.

Today, Lasek is regarded as one of the most consistent vert skateboarders in the sport. He frequently masters tricks that are considered too gimmicky and technical by most riders to do in a contest, and lands them with stunning regularity. Some of his signature contest tricks include the Heelflip Frontside Twist and Switch Frontside 540. He is one of only two skaters to flip his board in to an invert (Heelflip Frontside Invert), and the only one to do a 720 on the vert and land backwards (forward-to-fakie Indy 720, known as a "MacKenzie").
As of 2006, Bucky Lasek has won ten medals at the X Games, including six gold medals. He currently has the highest score in X Games Skateboarding Vert history with a 98.50.[1] He has also earned 2004 titles in the Vans Triple Crown, Gravity Games, and the Slam City Jam.
Lasek made a cameo in the low-budget 2003 movie Haggard, in which he gave a skateboard to Bam Margera while he was running from the villain Hellboy. He has also made an appearance in MTV's Viva La Bam. Lasek also appears in P!nk's music video for her single "Raise Your Glass".
Austin Poynter: new generation. Photo Jim Goodrich

Jeff Hedges: he used to put the Streets of Fire. Photo Jim Goodrich

Photo Jim Goodrich

Photo Jim Goodrich

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All pictures by Jim Goodrich. Used with permission. Thanks a lot Jim!!

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