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Sunday, October 14, 2012

OG Jam series #5 Pedlow, results, pix, highlights

OG Jam series #5 Pedlow, results, pix, highlights

Under a scorching sun and temperatures soaring well over 95, the last stop of the OG Skate Jam 2012 (MMXII) took place on October 13th at Pedlow skatepark. Here are the results
OG Skate Jam 50+ Podium: 1 Eddie Hadvina, 2 Greg Garret, 3 Carlos Novo, 4 Steve Wright, 5 Xavier Lannes
The 30-39 podium
OG Skate Jam #5 40-49 podium: 1 Garret Naka, 2 Richard Sanchez, 3 Dave Reul, 4 Armando De La Libertad

Rick Sanchez

Jeff Greenwood from Concrete Disciples

The #1 overall. Eddie Hadvina. Eddie finished #1 in the 50+ category in each of the 5 OG Skate Jam stops. Big respect!!

Armando de la Libertad. 

George Wantannabee was hyper all day and has many jawdropping tricks in his bag, but needs to be more consistent.
As Joe Ayala put it: "George Knows how to fall..."

Zac almost destroyed and brought down the bowl the judges' tent (in the back) with his heavy skateboarding

OG Skate Jam Category 50+
1 Eddie Hadvina
2 Greg Garret
3 Carlos Novo
4 Steve Wright
5 Xavier Lannes
Best Trick Eddie Hadvina: Invert

OG Skate Jam Category 40-49
1 Garret Naka
2 Richard Sanchez
3 Aaron Glascock
3 Dave Reul
4 Armando De La Libertad
5 Robert Weddle
6 Brad Smith

1 Melissa Spilman

Old Guy Jam Series OverAll Standing's Top 3's:
1) Mellissa Spillman
2) Cheryl Jumao-as
All the rest tied for entering one event each:
Patricia Kavanaugh
Jackie Pinky Lum
Ocea Lei Iverson
Jean Russen

1) Eddie Hadvina
2) Greg Garret
3) Steve Wright

1) Garret Naka
2) Jeff Greenwood
3) Aaron Glascock

1) Steve Badillo
2) Mike Buckley
3) Zack Waka-Cracka Zak Mayall

Come back for more results and pictures
Aaron Glascock view from two different angles (Left insert thanks to Hoodwood skateboards)

Steve Wright #4 over 50

Rick Sanchez #3 40-49

Kevin Burke

Eddie Hadvina

Dave Reul: Texas is the reason

Dave Reul

Brian Lynch


Carlos Novo

Joe Ayala

Aaron Glascock #3 40-49

Heidi Lemmon: the OG Skate Jam organizer

Aaron Glascock

Jakie Pinky Lum 

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, October 14, 2012 


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