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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pink Motel Pool Party 2012: Highlights, Video and Pictures

There was a lot of blood and sweat at the Pink Motel Pool Party 2012...
Pink Motel Pool Party 2012
Pink Motel Pool Party Video. Thanks to Radballs Edit by Brandon Wong for SoCalSkateshop
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Six in the bowl at the same time? yeah, that's Pink Motel Pool Party!!
Julz Lynn, DP and Screech are the last warriors of skateboarding. Julz is the most hard core punk rock skate girl that I know. At the Pink Motel Pool Party she was thrashing the pool like there was no tomorrow. She is made of the same cloth as Duane Peters and Screech.. When she falls, the concrete complains...
Pink Motel Pool Party: Let There Be Blood.. Jacob (poptart) Welch
The world famous Pink Motel has been a pilgrimage for skateboarders for the last four decades. In 2011 Ruffo Espinosa, a skater, DJ and drummer organized this amazing event in which skaters drove to the mountain and warehouses surrounded bone-dry desert of Sun Valley to skate, rock out and rejoice in the "Fishbowl" at the Pink Motel. In 2012, Ruffo organized again the event, but this time bigger and broader. I was concerned since the Pink Motel Pool Party was exactly at the same time as the Bowl-A-Rama contest in New York. What if skaters and people just flocked to NYC and forget about the Pink Motel? Not only that did not happen but the bowl skateboarding is now so big and developed that you can hold two major events at the same time and have thousands of people coming to each contest.

So, in the sheer tradition of any Pool Party, the Pink Motel Party 2012 was another classic skate jam with loud raw punk rock live on stage during the whole afternoon and late at night, chaotic skating, and skate-punk legends shredding the coping. Bands like Eric Groff’s posse, Love Canal, and punk rock from the Whitekaps, Bomb Run, Hoodlumz, and Anarchy Taco featuring members of the Vandals and Brian Brannon of JFA provided the soundtrack for the night. I was told there was also cold beer and Mexican food, nice people and industry execs, but I was too busy taking pictures and skating the pool, so I did not get any time to talk to anybody… I did not even have time to look for Heidi Lemmon who nicely invited me… But, she knows I was there and took advantage of the invitation. Thanks Heidi, sorry I couldn’t see you…

Actually, this was my first time at the Pink Motel. I already wanted to go last year but did not because it involved a 3 hour drive (6 hours back and forth) and then, got remorse during the following 12 months, so I decided that the 2012 installment was not a thing to loose.

Asher Bradshaw had to skate in the bowl with guys three time his size and weight. Asher is so weightless that he almost
flies when crossing the others. But wait, one day his revenge will come. Until then skate is no mercy.
At Pink Motel Pool Party
Twenty Five years ago, when I was playing non-stop Animal Chin in my skate shop, I would never have though that 25 years later, I would ride the exact same pool where the Bones Brigade where looking for Mr Chin, but this time with Dave Duncan, Malba, Dave Hacket and 20 other shredding OG’s.

Oh yeah, Pink Motel Pool Party was rad!! It was a free for all all the time, when groms, pros, amateurs and OGs got to skate together and run into each other at the bottom of the pool. When I entered the 40+ session, I though DD would come to the rescue and give turn, but no, it was a total chaos with 5 guys starting at the same time, all the time. There was no roll in from the fish tail end, no “you wait your turn”, no wait till the run is over.
Pure chaos and bliss… Malba and DD had to intervene all the time, not to give turns, but to push the masses backwards toward the tail end because there was no more space to get enough speed before entering the bowl. The people were heated from the get go, full of adrenaline and testosterone (even Julz Lynn had testosterone, yep – see enclosed pix) and it was an absolute snake session where, if you wanted to skate you had to be faster and bolder than all the other guys. During that 40+ sesh, I got 4 runs when guys like Jim Gray later confessed me that he only got 3 runs. Well, Jim Gray had a lot of other opportunities to skate during other regular jam sessions, while I was taking pix, so, he should not complain… LOL…

The Pink Motel has and will always be a place of exception and great value for the pool skater community. That is especially true when you have all those OGs skating the same pool that have been riding it for over 30 years getting hot and ambitious on grinds and drawing bold lines. It’s exceptional when those OGs can share the same passions with young guns and groms.

Of course everybody’s skate was insane, but like anybody, I have my favorite skaters of the moment. I loved Julz Lynn because she is so rad and she has so much energy. I loved Screech because I always like him.

The Pink Motel Pool party has now become an annual mandatory event to look forward to as it just keeps getting bigger and better. Next year, just throw in the roll in from the shallow next year and position a 50+ sesh (not 40+) with control ID’s for the real OGs and it will be paradise..
Robbie Russo
It was great to see so many people of the skateboarding family gathered for this event, some skating the pool, some listening to punk rock alive and all having a good time. Pink Motel Pool Party 2012 is over, we’ll see y’all next year.

At the end, we should all thank Allen Losi, Ruffo Espinosa and all the hosts of the event. Also, let’s not forget all the sponsors including: Creature Skateboards, Jimmy’Z, Scum Skateboards, Independent Truck Co., Hurt Life Skateboards, So Cal Skateshop, Embassy Skateboards, 311 Skateboards, Pocket Pistols Skateboards, Little Villan Skateboards, Old Cocks Skateboarding Co., Skaterbuilt, Spun Skateboards, Rubio’s Mexican Grill, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Osiris Shoes, Kreiswirth Sports Medicine, Ztuntz Skateboards, Aerial Wheels, Black Leather Racing, Ace Skateboard Truck MFG. and Marauder Skateboards.

Thanks guys.
Julian Torres with (out) the mouth-guard but with a nice style... 
Julz Lynn at Pink Motel Pool Party. Not sure if I prefer this shot or the featured one on top.
On saturday, Julz was gnarly and nothing could compare to her...  LOL, "Gnarly"...
What a ludicrous word... That word is so weak compared to Julz...  
Kevin Burke. Years of experience in backyard pool. Useful to be able to sneak against 45 pool hungry OG's  
I was so lucky, on that picture, Screech is smiling... 
Screech. The reincarnation of DP
Jim Gray: "The after-party is the one you want to attend"... Skate freely my friends...
Shoot, Lee is watching me livestream on the internet from Texas. I won't be able to
drink that 6 pack anymore... 
Yes Mr photographer, I saw you were sneaking during the 40+ category.
And finally, the photographer himself, thanks to Cindy Whitehead from

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