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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tim Brauch Contest

Here is an alternate edit of the Annual Tim Brauch Contest video, LCRSP coverage.

Saturday 9/22 Results

Groms Division
1st Tristan Rennie, 14, Rielto, CA
2nd Griffin Chase, 13, Monroe, WA
3rd Bobo Kuamo'o, 13, Nanakuli, HW
4th Shane Sullivan, 15, Brentwooc, CA
5th Archer Braun, 15, San Diego, CA
6th Kiko Francisco, 10, Carson, CA

Girls Division
1st Lizzie Armanto, 18, Santa Monica, CA
2nd Julie Kindstrand, 19, Santa Ana, CA
3rd Allysha Bergado, 16, El Segundo, CA
4th Justyce Tabor, 16, Seaside, OR
5th Abby Zsarnay, 18, Santa Paula, CA
6th Arianna Carmona, 14, Buena Park, CA

Masters Division
1st Steve Caballero, 47, Campbell, CA
2nd Mike McGill, 47, Encinitas, CA
3rd Eddie Elguera, 49, Palm Desert, CA
4th Christian Hosoi, 45, Huntington Beach, CA
5th Mark Partain, 47, Hood River, OR
6th Jeff Hedges, 46, San Francisco, CA

Pro Division
1st Michael Brookman, 19, Monclaire, CA
2nd Josh Rodriguez, 20, Banning, CA
3rd Sky Siljeg, 18, Bothell, WA
4th Chris Russell, 16, Hermosa Beach, CA
5th Daniel Curevo, 22, Encinitas, CA
6th Josh Mattson, , Boulder Creek, CA

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, October 04, 2012 


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