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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Adil Dyani; 72 feet acid drop on a vert ramp

Adil Dyani; 72 feet acid drop on a vert ramp
72 feet acid drop
Adil Dyani; 72 feet acid drop on a vert ramp

Adil Dyani is a professional skateboarder from Norway. He was born with ambition and a hunger for progression that never gets satisfied. Ever since he started skateboarding he has been pushing the limits of the sport and he is still one of the most progressive skateboarders in the world.

I grew up in Norway until my family moved to a farm Sweden, but I didn’t stay for long. Just a few years later, when I was fifteen, I decided to move back to Norway. It was tough to leave my mother and home behind. I had nothing and worried that it wasn’t the right choice, but I knew it was for good and that I wasn’t going back.
Adil Dyani BS Air at sunset
When I came back to Norway I stayed at my friend’s house. Just a day after I had arrived, he told me we were going to see a vert-ramp. I had a lot on my mind from the day before and I didn’t have a clue what a vert-ramp was, but I went along anyway. After walking through a little forest, there it was. It was amazing, and instantly I knew that this was what I had to.” (Adil Dyani)

By 1991 Adil’s whole life evolved around skateboarding and pushing the limits of his skating. It was all about the thrill of learning new tricks and evolving his skating. Focusing and getting in to good learning zones to improve and evolve his skateboarding became and a huge part of his life, and it has been important ever since.

Adil’s exceptional ability to always evolve and progress his skating lead him to a long lasting career in skateboarding, and is the reason he is still going strong. His career started after becoming world amateur champion at the 1992 Amateur World Championship, in Eindhoven, Holland and escalated when he became the world champion in Highest Air at the 1995 Pro World Championship in Münster, Germany.

Adil moved to the U.S. to be a full time pro skateboarder. For more than a decade, he skated demonstrations all around the world, for his sponsors, as well as competing as one of the worlds top ten skaters. He placed top ten in numerous world cup competitions, and he won the national championship in Norway on almost a yearly basis. In 1996, Adil was, as one of the worlds twelve top skaters, chosen to skate at the Atlanta Olympics closing ceremony. Over the years he has also been featured, frequently, in the world’s most influential skateboarding magazines.

Before returning to Norway, Adil got in to the mega-ramp part of skateboarding. He had always been fascinated with pushing the limits of what was possible in skateboarding, so this was a perfect outlet for his creativity. So far this fascination has produced three Guinness world records in Bomb Drop on the 18-foot mega ramp.

World Record in Guinness World Record Book in Bomb Drop,
free fall into a ramp on skateboard, in Oslo, Norway, 10 of august 2002.

World Record in Guinness World Record Book in Bomb Drop,
free fall into a ramp on skateboard, in Oslo, Norway, 4 of October 2003.

World Record in Guinness World Record Book in Bomb Drop,
free fall into a ramp on skateboard, in Oslo, Norway, 28 of august 2004.

Adil also set an unofficial World Record in Highest Air 5,10m over the ramp of 5,5m documented on film ten days before the last mentioned Guinness World Record Bomb Drop.

Despite a result-list that goes on for pages and world records, winning has never been what motivates Adil in skateboarding. It’s always been the creative aspect, the fun of progression, other skaters and the culture that surrounds skateboarding, that drives him.

“I never skated to win anything or to be the best, but when friends that where good skaters quit and the skate-park was empty I continued, alone. I have to learn new tricks, ‘cause, it’s my life. I even left my life and country for it, to go where other skaters wanted the same. I will continue skating even if the rest of the world quits.” (Adil Dyani)

Over the last few years Adil has been skating shows and exhibitions with a few select competitions, such as Vert Attac 5 (2011). He has undergone some gnarly surgery to take care of some old injuries, and he has come back better than ever. In addition to starting the skateboard company Duscetti with some other skateboarders, he has also been working on his biggest project so far. This project is now entering its final planning stages, and is part of the AD Bucket List.

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