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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Battle at Hastings 2012

Battle at Hastlings III
Mason Merlino #1 of the battle at Hastlings 2012
Battle at Hastings 2012

Last September 1st, 2012 the third annual 'Battle at Hastings' took place and with $10,000 on the line, everyone in the contest was goin' off! The Locals were trying to stand their ground, but with the hungry, tranny-shredding Americans from the South trying to get that Canadian Dollar, it definitely was nothing short of a Battle. Dave Priest went down and suffered a dislocated knee, and Adam Hopkins later separated his shoulder in the final minutes of the contest, trying to get his piece of the cash pie, with a 540 in the deep end. Also, a big shout out to legendary UK skater Sean Goff who dislocated his shoulder and broke his wrist in the fall that saw him drop 14ft from the cradle’s jaws.

The scans here show the shoulder injury. The right hand side shows just how far the humerus bone had popped out the joint. Get well soon mate.

Sean Geoff dislocated shoulder
In the end, with several wounded Canadian skaters, the Americans were able to take the top 2 places respectively. Mason Merlino and 'Seattle Mike' took the top 2 places and Hopkins limped away with third place. All three of these guys were skating hard all day and deserved to get paid. Great day of Skating and hanging in the sun with good people.

Battle at Hastlings 3 Results:

1.Mason Merlino
2.'Seattle Mike'
3. Adam Hopkins

Enjoy the Video!

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