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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brazilian revolutionary Coping Blocks with Pedro and Andre Barros

Andre Barros working on the new Pousada Hi Adventure Bowl in Brazil
Brazilian revolutionary Coping Blocks with Pedro and Andre Barros

What I love about skateboarders is their creativity and their DIY spirit. When something does not exist, just don’t look around and buy whatever might work for you. Wrong approach. If something does not exist, just create it to your own needs and perspective. A couple of months ago, pictures floated on Facebook regarding some new coping blocks that were designed by the RTMF family in Florianopolis, Brazil. At the same time, I saw pictures of Pedro Barros’ bowl totally scraped and ready for a resurfacing and recoping.

The Leo Kakinho Coping block: a reference to his creator, one of the best OG Bowlriders in Brazil

Redoing one bowl is a lot of work, but imagine having to resurface two bowls at the same time, that’s even more work. Just before the new #1 of RTMF contest on December 7th, 8th and 9th, the Barros RTMF team decided to also redo the Pousada Hi Adventure bowl that has been used for several years as a place for bowl contests. The place is finished now, the coping blocks have been christened and the skaters have tested and approved the new bowl. But the materials used to redo the bowl were not bought on the regular market, they were made by some of the finest skateboarders on the planet: Pedro and Andre Barros and Leo Kakinho. Leo Kakinho is not only an OG bowl rider but also the father of Vinicius Kakinho, one of Pedro Barros’ best friend and protégé
"I already have a big line up of people buying these coping. A lot of skate parks are coming out and they all wants 
to put this new product." Andre Barros

and a sure skate star for the years to come. isTia.Tv asked Pedro and Andre Barros why and how they came with this strange idea to make their own coping blocks… Here are the answers…

isTia.Tv: Why did you start making your coping block?
Andre Barros: We don’t have anyone doing that in Brazil. I have the best bowl riders around me to tell me what they really want! I have been traveling around the world and meet people who made coping blocks or skate parks and they helped me a lot to find the proper way to do it. One of the most important person is Chad Ford from Australia, the Bowl-A-Rama guy. He told me what I need to know to make one of the best coping around! I needed to get some coping for our bowls and I didn’t have what we wanted so I decided to do it.

LK for Leo kakinho Design. How's that for a coping block? 
isTia.Tv: How special are those coping blocks?
Andre Barros: This first model is called Leo Kakinho Pro model. It was design by Leo Kakinho one of the best Brazilian concrete rider we had for long time and the best bowl design I know. He designed this first model. A little bit of the comb pool shape added some little detail of what he thinks could be good to do lip tricks!
Brazil has one of the best cement in the world and also addictives. I think we got a put much good quality of copping! I still making test, I can’t say this is the best or the worse yet. I only can say that I have one of the best bowl riders to test it and approve it! Pedro is the type of skater who knows how to use a coping block and knows what it needs to be the best one.
Caution: RTMF Bowl resurfacing in progress

So far Pedro, Leo, Vi Kakinho and some other skaters just loved the way it is, now I need some time to figure out how strong it is! What bowls did you repair with those new coping blocks so far?
Andre-Barros: So far we did the Bowl of the Pousada Hi Adventure (old red bowl). And now Im getting ready to put in our bowl.

isTia.Tv: Are you manufacturing and selling them to other skateparks?
Andre Barros: Yes, I started this new business with Pedro. We wanna do that a long time ago and now is the time to do it. Its done, we started and its growing up so fast!!! I already have a big line up of people buying these coping. A lot of skate parks are coming out and they all wants to put this new product.

isTia.Tv: Have you created a company for that?
Andre Barros: Yes it's called Coping Factory. It will be the first coping block factory doing pro model using skaters to create, signed and get payed! Next one will be Pedro Pro Model.
Pedro barros: I can say that this coping is definitely what we have been looking for! The best coping block ever!!!

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