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Thursday, November 29, 2012

CJ Collins: bowl rider

CJ Collins: bowl killer

CJ Collins. 9 Years old. Pocket Pistol prospect and bowl killer...
9 year old C.J. Collins is a young skateboarder who spends most of his time killing skateparks and will not think twice about taking it to that next level. Chad is from Anaheim and here are some of his results..

• 10/28/12 -1st Annual Blood Bowl -Bowl (1st)
• 10/20/12 -Action Alliance Series -Bowl (1st)
• 09/22/12 -WCS Tim Brauch -AM Bowl (8th)
• 06/17/12 -KOTG Championships -Bowl (1st)
• 06/17/12 -KOTG Championships -M Ramp (1st)
• 08/05/11 -State Games -Pool (2nd)
• 08/05/11 -State Games -M Ramp (2nd)
• 08/05/11 -State Games -Vert (4th)
• 07/03/11 -2011 Warped Tour -M Ramp (3rd)
• 04/02/11 -April Pools Day Pool Jam -Bowl (4th)
• 02/20/11 -KOTG Championships -Bowl (2nd)

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, November 29, 2012 


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