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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eddie Moreno Free World
Eddie Moreno bio from

Full Name: Eddie Moreno
Age: 16.
NickName: Mighty.
Hometown: North Hollywood, Ca.
Hobbies: Eating.Sleeping.Texting.
Inspirations: John Cardiel.
Sponsors: Val Surf.ACE trucks.Bones flow.DVS flow.
Goals: To get on val surf. and to buy a house for my mom.
Accomplishments: I got on val surf.
Current Set-Up: Creature deck, ACE trucks, bones wheels, and bones bearings.
Fav Video: Baker has a death wish.
Fav Skater: Rune Gifberg.
Places recently visited: San diego.
Places you would like to travel to and Why?: I’d like to go to Oregon because i want to skate all the skate parks out there.
Best trip you have ever been on and Why?: When I went to San Diego because I met Cardiel.

Eddie Moreno Free Wold. A film by: Kevin Martinez Marvin Moran Salvador Gutierrez
Edited by Salvador Gutierrez
Filmed by Kevin Martinez, Salvador Gutierrez, Felix soto

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, November 29, 2012 


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