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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Exposure 2012 Clairemont YMCA: results, pictures, highlights and Alana Smith landing a 540!!

Exposure 2012 Clairemont YMCA: results, pictures, highlights and Alana Smith landing a 540!!

After it was announced in September 2012 that the annual Vans Girls Classic Pool Combi was rescheduled until January 2013, the girls were left with no more contest for the end of the year 2012. Enters Armando De La Libertad with an awesome idea: to organize a huge bowl contest for girls only at The Mission Valley YMCA at Clairemont. The last girls contest of 2012…

Alana Smith: 2nd woman ever to land a 540 Mc Twist in a contest. Scroll Down to see additional videos
Exposure 2012 YMCA Clairemont Girl contest results
The Ladies of skateboarding at Exposure 2012. Photo Jim Goodrich
Armando De La Libertad has been involved with skateboarding for as long as I can remember. He was awarded the volunteer of the year title for the state of California in 2006. Together with Seth Elson and Greg Barazza, he organized The Slam contest at Volcom Skatepark in June 27th at Costa Mesa Skatepark. One of the contest’s goals was to raise money for a scholarship funds. Armando, better know as “Mando” is also an excellent bowl rider who finished 2nd of the Santa Monica stop of the OG Skate Jam 2012. He also killed it at the OG stop of Pedlow Last October 13th. With jawdropping technicity and rad moves. He eventually finished 8th overall which is very good given the level of the competition.

Exposure 2012 YMCA Clairemont Girl contest results
Calamity Jane... Jean  Rusen 44 years old and still ripping the concrete. Photo Jim Goodrich
Unfortunately, Armando could not organize a girls’ only contest alone, so during the OG Skate Jam stop at Vans on September 16th he told me that he had paired with Amelia Brodka, that he had already a big part of the sponsorship and money needed to start the process and that they were almost ready to rock-and-roll.

Amelia Brodka is that amazing woman who realized a two hour documentary about the state of ladies skateboarding in the US (together with Brian Lynch). The movie had a private screening on August 1st in a Long Beach theatre with the who’s who of skateboarding and ended with an epic Q&A session with Jim Gray, Amelia Brodka, Dave
Exposure 2012 YMCA Clairemont Girl contest results, Jean Rusen Jim Gray, Adrian Demain, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Dave hackett, Aaron Astorga, Dave Duncan
The Judges: Jean Rusen Jim Gray, Adrian Demain, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Dave hackett, Aaron Astorga,
Dave Duncan. Photo Jim Goodrich
Duncan and Brian Lynch on the podium while everybody ended up praising the movie (even Thrasher and Transworld).

In the following days, I met with Barb Odanaka for a nice diner at Venice and she told me that she, too, was part of the managing team. Eventually I interviewed Amelia Brodka and published her interview on isTia (click to the following link to read Amelia Brodka Interview). All was set up, including a nice website that was also used to register the ladies for the contest.

So, there we are, it’s contest day. Even though Frankenstorm Sandy just hit the east coast with the biggest storm ever and freezing temperatures, it is summertime in California thanks to temperatures soaring over 90 degrees.

Exposure 2012 YMCA Clairemont Girl contest results, Julz Lynn Number one Exposure 2012
Julz Lynn. "Today was a long and fun day! Very inspirational to be a part of a ladies event put on by a girl I've know from
 many years. Amelia Brodka. I took first place in the women's pro bowl and got a thousand dollar big check :) 
then competed in one of the only women's pro vert contest and got 5th and made a 100 dollars! Got to see Alana land a 
540 and see the level of female skateboardings bar raised. Very inspirational and positive day!" Photo Brian Espinoza
The contest was divided into 7 sections: A Jam session, Bowl Pro and Am, Vert Pro and Am, Best trick and first 540 and the level was to the roof. The list of attendees was a big an impressive list: Mikayla Sheppard, Jordan Abraham, Julz Lynn, Mike McGill, Allysha Bergado, Sarah Thompson, Abby Zsarnay, AmeeJay Papelera, Nicole Soller, Amelia Brodka, Matt Gaudio, Dan Sparagna, Barb Odanaka, Hailey Villa, Cheryl Jumao-as, Lizzie Armanto, Nora Vasconcellos, Steve Caballero, Christopher Zsarnay, Armando De La Libertad, Dave Duncan, Jim Gray, Tarryn Ross, Arianna Carmona, Alana Smith, Adrian Demain, Jeff Greenwood, Micaela Ramirez, Hunter Long, Lisa Whitaker, Mike McGill, Dave Hackett…

It is also remarkable that this girls contest was judged by some of the best skaters on the planet:

Exposure 2012 YMCA Clairemont Girl contest results, Alana Smith 540 Mc Twist
Alana Smith 540. "Unbelievable 12yr old Alana Smith lands her first McTwist and I was there to see it- Stoked!"
Mike McGill from his Facebook account. Photo Steve Caballero from Facebook
Steve Caballero, Jean Rusen, Jim Gray, Adrian Demain, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Dave hackett, Aaron Astorga and Dave Duncan...

Why not having a girl’s contest judged by girls? Well it makes sense having all the girls participating.

Julz Lynn killed it ultimately. Last July she ventured on a 1,500 miles trip from Long Beach to Lincoln City Oregon in order to raise awareness and money for Grind For Life and Keep A Breast Foundation. She was praised for her bold moves during the Boo B Q party last week end at Bucky’s Heaven Pool. She killed it at the Pink Motel Pool Party and she generally has that spleenish-skate-punk attitude that most brag about but only a few skaters can boast. Putting it mildly, Julz Lynn is in the same mindset as Screech and Duane Peters. Her new board with Pink Widow, showing some Metallica imagery shows a watershed with previous mellow pinkish Silly Board Design boards. She eventually landed #1 of the bowl section…

Exposure 2012, Amelia Brodka, Girl Contest, Annika Vrklan, Alana Smith
Exposure 2012, Amelia Brodka, Annika Vrklan, Alana Smith. Photo Chris Zsarnay
I must say that I am pretty stoked with Arianna Carmona. I saw her skate at the Combi for the past two years, and then I did not see her for maybe 10 months, because I moved from Tustin to Los Angeles and I was not going at the Combi anymore and I think this is her favorite place to skate. Then one day, I saw here again at Venice at she was riding the bowl with so much ease and grace that is was incredible: she had made so much progress in the 10 months I haven’t see her… Arianna easily won both the Vert and the bowl. She is one girl to watch in the future and definitely someone to look after in the next Girls Combi Pool Party at Vans in January 19th 2013. Congrats Arianna!!

But the big surprise of the day is Alana Smith.

Exposure 2012 YMCA Clairemont Girl contest results, Mike McGill coaching Alana Smith near-future 540 McTwist
Mike McGill coaching Alana Smith's near-future 540 McTwist: "get more speed and jump higher". "What a great day in
 skateboarding history, so stoked for Alana... pure radness" Steve Caballero from his facebook account. Photo Jean Rusen
Alana Smith is from Mesa Arizona, is only 12 years old and she landed a 540 McTwist that brought her the best trick award and a $1,000 check courtesy of Brian Lynch. It took Alana a lot of tries to land it. She was close to do it on most of her attempts but did not go high enough and could finish it but not land it. It took the advice of Mike McGill himself who was there to judge the event. Mike McGill talk to Alana and give her props and advice on how to do it and the next thing to know, Alana landed that elusive 540. The last woman to it was Lyn Z Adams. On November 20, 2009, in a major skate, art and music event held in Paris' grandiose Grand Palais, right in the center of the Capital City, between the Eiffel Tower and the Musée du Louvre, close the Champs Elysées and the River La Seine, among Tony Hawk and his almost unique 900 (for the eleventh time of his career) ; among Jean Postec, Sergie Ventura, Fritch, Kevin Staab, Sandro Dias and Andy MacDonald ; Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins made her own history as the first female ever to land
Exposure 2012 YMCA Clairemont Girl contest results, Arianna Carmona
Arianna Carmona landed #1 in the amateur section. Arianna has made tremendous improvement to her skating
in the past 6 months. The #1 place is well deserved. Congrats. Photo Jim Goodrich
a 540 on a skateboard in a contest. Alana Smith is riding for Kids That Rip in Arizona. KTR is the brainchild of Rich Zuccarello, Chris Kelly, and Jeff Jewett. Located in Arizona, KTR has produced a lot of skateboarding "firsts." this year. You must remember Tre Wood busting the first 540 ever in the Venice, then everybody talked about youngest contestants to ever enter a X-Game competition this summer when Tre and Jagger Eaton competed in the Big Air competition is Los Angeles. And now it's Alana Smith turn who landed a 540 just in front of the creator, Mike McGill…

Exposure 2012, YMCA, Clairemont Girl contest, Exposure results, Mike McGill, Alana Smith, 540 McTwist
Alana Smith, not doing a 540 during Exposure 2012 at the Clairemont YMCA
Photo Julian Bleecker
Thanks to Amelia Brodka for organizing the Exposure 2012 contest and to all the sponsors. Next girl contest: The Vans Girl Classic Pool Combi in January 2013!!!

See you there!!!

Exposure 2012 Bowl results Pros

1 Julz Lynn $1,000
2 Nora Vasconcellos $700
3 Allysha Bergado $500
4 Lizzie Armanto $400
5 Amelia Brodka $300
6 Abby Zsarnay $100
7 AmeeJay Papelera
8 Mandy Esch
9 Jean Rusen

Exposure 2012 Ramp results Amateurs
1 Arianna Carmona
2 Sarah Thompson
3 Bryce Ava Weittstein
4 Spencer Breaux
5 Annika Vrklan

Exposure 2012, YMCA, Clairemont Girl contest, Exposure results, Mike McGill, Lizzie Armanto, Amelia Brodka, Alana Smith, 540 McTwist
Lizzie Armanto shifting from bowl to vert?? #1 vert; #4 bowl... WTF?
Exposure 2012 bowl results Amateurs
1 Ariana Carmona
2 Mikalya Sheppard
3 Pauline Branon
4 Sarah Thompson
5 Bryce Ava Weittstein
6 Annika Vrklan
7 Brittney Conrad
8 Spencer Breaux
9 Cheryl Jumau‐As
10 Julie Westfall
11 Cameron Campbell

Exposure 2012 Vert results
1 Lizzie Armanto $1,000
2 Alana Smith $700
3 Allysha Bergado $500
4 Nora Vasconcellos $400
5 Amelia Brodka $300
6 Julz Lynn $100

Thanks so much to Barb Odanaka for the phone call, all the details and insider’s information…
Thanks to Jean Rusen, Chris Zsarnay and Jim Goodrich for the pictures. All pictures used with permission. Thanks to Julian Bleecker for additional pictures.

Alana Smith: 2nd woman ever to land a 540 Mc Twist in a contest. Hoopla Edit

Exposure 2012, YMCA, Clairemont Girl contest, Exposure results, Mike McGill, Alana Smith, 540 McTwist

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- Julz Lynn 1500 miles journey
- Julz Lynn Interview
- Allysha Bergado Interview
- Lizzie Armanto Interview
- Video of Alana Smith by Hoopla
- Amelia Brodka Interview

Exposure 2012, YMCA, Clairemont Girl contest, Exposure results, Mike McGill, Alana Smith, 540 McTwist

Additional Coverage:
- Broakcastin Balderdash (Amelia Brodka's website)

Amelia Brodka wants to thank: Armando de La Libertad, Barb Odanaka, Surf Sista, Mike Ross, Brian Lynch, Hailey Villa, Matt Condon, Julie Sampson, Tarbush Aspinall, Brenda Chapman and Lisa Fletcher.

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